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Trudi Holden 


My name is Trudi and I’m possibly the worlds laziest eco warrier! I say that in jest, but in many ways I’m a passionate procrastinator when it comes to green living!

I’ve always held a deep passion for equality, animal rights and environmental conservation…but I’ve never quite put my beliefs and ethics into physical action!

This all changed when I learned about the huge impact meat, egg and dairy farming is having, not just on the millions of animals who suffer for our food, but the cost our planet is paying as a result. From that moment I made the switch to a plant based diet and continue to learn more about how to live ethically, sustainably, healthily and more importantly happily!

But there’s a catch. I’m very lazy and the queen of procrastination. I’m passionate about living a little greener for a healthy body and planet, but I’m also passionate about lie-ins, catch up TV and convenience food!

I don’t have green fingers on either of my hands, holding a sewing needle I’m nothing short of a public hazard, and I rarely have the time or inspiration for any form of DIY. Lack of talents aside, I’m inquisitive and enthusiastic about learning the art of sustainable living.

Thus, A Lazy Girl Goes Green is all about my exploration of how you can live healthier, and greener; whilst keeping some of those lazy habits which we all have.

12 thoughts on “About me”

  1. I like you Trudi had a bit of a light bulb moment at the age of 19 and spent the next 13 years as a vegetarian. I didn’t realize how many arguments I would enter into both with family friends and even acquaintances. Some of my friends however are still to this day veggie (I never was vegan),and they say it was because of me (banging on about it), but although I now eat meat and fish I am glad I had that experience and may return to it. I found it hard in France and slipped back into eating meat again. I do believe I was healthier the majority of the time without it and my love of animals sometimes conflicts with my current diet. Who knows I might well get back to it. You are an inspiration and I appreciate that x

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  2. Hi, Trudi, and thanks for stopping by Self-help Health and giving me a like and a follow. I always appreciate when someone decides to do that, plus it helps lead me back to what they’re up to, like this great-looking, thought-provoking, awareness-producing blog of yours. I think it’s great that the internet gives people the opportunity to be better informed about everything so they can make more conscious choices about how to live there lives in accordance with their own values and priorities, whatever they may be.

    Best wishes on traveling the path in life that feels right and true for you!

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  3. Great blog! Just discovered you as it said on my blog stats that someone was referred to my blog from yours! Was wondering how that happened? Do you have a link to my blog somewhere at all? http://www.natalieholden-id.co.uk – we seem to be on a similar journey however mine is more focused on interior design and travel 🙂 . I too am a big procrastinator and I am starting my own eco friendly range of furniture, art and gifts by upcycling. The challenges I find are having the time around my day job and I always end up putting off big projects until later…. and never end up starting! I thrive off deadlines and that gets me into gear! Hope you enjoy my blog.


  4. So pleased I’ve found your blog, Trudi!

    I’ve recently been reading Anna Shepard’s ‘How green are Your wellies?’ which has been inspiring me to think a bit more about how the choices I make may impact the environment. It’s a great book with some super simple tips although I’m yet to set up my own wormery.

    Anyway, good to have found you and I look forward to exploring your blog some more.

    Hatti | isthisfood.co.uk


  5. So inspired to find such a well established green blogger living in Cornwall as well! I only just started my blog last week, but hope that someday my writing will reach as large an audience as yours!


  6. Hi Trudi. Thanks for following my blog at worldtorights.org. I am vegetarian and try to do the right thing for the environment too, and and I’ve done a fair bit of travelling, so we have a lot in common. Keep up the good blogging.

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