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Is Embracing Domesticity Crushing Feminism and Making us Feel Old?

As I sit here on a rainy Sunday afternoon in Sydney, with a cup of herbal tea in one hand and my yarn weaving kit in the other, a younger Trudi may well have laughed and called me old before my time. She may have giggled at my oversized grandad sweater, woolly socks and comfy granny pants, or questioned why I had chosen to listen to chilled Morcheeba over progressive metal band Tool (though they are still my favourite band).

A younger Trudi would certainly have been in shock to hear that I spent my birthday celebrations last night having a low key, albeit delicious, South Indian dinner out with just the one cocktail; before heading back home by 10pm to enjoy a bottle of Pinot Noir and an early night.

I mean, I’m 31 years old; arguably still in my prime. Should I not prefer boozy parties, dancing and late night antics to blankets, tea and crafts? Have I really become old before my time, or am I simply mature and wise enough to recognise when my tastes (and energy levels) have evolved? Continue reading Is Embracing Domesticity Crushing Feminism and Making us Feel Old?

Your Green Life: Jen Gale (My Make Do and Mend Year)

I have to say, I don’t think this weeks Your Green Life needs much of an introduction. Following her family’s attempt to live one full year without buying anything new; Jen Gale has become a massive inspiration for thousands of people seeking to live more sustainably, or simply enjoy a frugal life by having fun with crafty upcycling. 

Now, her blog My Make Do and Mend Year, boasts a large, committed following of makers and doers; in which Jen welcomes everyone to become part of a thriving community sharing successes and mishaps! It’s no surprise then, to find that Jen has become a bit of a make do and mend guru; with articles and ideas popping up across many platforms, including a fab series of “how to mend…” posts on the Guardians lifestyle pages. 

But Jen’s success and all round awesomeness isn’t the only reason I wanted to pick her brains about green living. It just so happens that Jen is the reason I started a Lazy Girl Goes Green in the first place! Earlier this year I was introduced to her through Start UK, when I organised an event with them at Eden Project for The Big Lunch. The event was all about resourcefulness and Jen was highly recommended as one of the most resourceful people they knew!

 Despite working in communications and marketing for years, I had never really had much to do with the blogging world. But after reading a few of Jens blogs I was hooked, and felt utterly inspired to start my own sustainable journey. She also introduced me to lots of other bloggers, organisations and charities I didn’t know existed, and she continue to inspire me to this day! 

Continue reading Your Green Life: Jen Gale (My Make Do and Mend Year)

The Lazy Way to Save a Burnt Pan

About a month ago, I found myself getting very engrossed in a very animated and fun #makedoandmendhour on Twitter. Hosted by My Make Do and Mend Year’s Jen Gale, the hour is an opportunity for frugally thrifty upcyclers and crafty creators to share what they have been making; or ask advice and inspiration from others. As a complete notice to anything that involves a needle and thread or glue gun, I tend to be more of an observer than a contributor; but get engrossed in the conversations nevertheless!

However, this particular evening I got so distracted with the conversation, that I forgot the pan of rhubarb I was cooking in the kitchen; to make a seasonal fruit compote. That was until the smoke of the burning pan wafted across the house and alerted me to the obliterated pan! Continue reading The Lazy Way to Save a Burnt Pan

Lazy Indoor Gardening for the non green-fingered

When I started A lazy Girl Goes Green a few months back, I said that you really don’t need to be a green fingered, creative up-cycling goddess to live a greener lifestyle. There really are hundreds of ways to green up your life, which don’t involve sowing seeds, or sewing machines. I mainly said this because I am neither crafty or green fingered; therefore I whole-heartedly stick by that statement! That said…I did make a promise on World Environment Day to appreciate my surrounding; pledging to attempt a little indoor Cornish garden at home. I am a queen procrastinator, but I never break a promise… Continue reading Lazy Indoor Gardening for the non green-fingered