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Vegan Life: Issue 8 Review

When, late last year, the introduction of a new vegan specific lifestyle magazine – Vegan Life – was announced, I think more than a few people cried a big veggie hooray! But little did I know that this monthly magazine would become such an important part of my plant based lifestyle, in more ways than one.

Mixing delicious vegan recipes, restaurant reviews and beauty product spotlights, as well as fantastic interviews and news from around the world, Vegan Life is fast becoming an invaluable source for connecting vegans with goings on around the world. Not to mention helping us to feel part of a passionate and diverse community.

In short, Vegan Life makes vegan living sexy, accessible and fun to be part of.


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Activist Burnout: When being green just feels really f**king hard

I’m tired.

Not the kind of tired you experience when you’ve had too many late nights, or not enough fresh fruit and veg. Nor the kind of tired you feel at 3pm on a Monday afternoon, when all you want is a strong coffee and a whole packet of Jammie Dodgers (and yes, they are Vegan!!).

I’m talking about the kind of physical and emotional exhaustion that an undernourished salmon feels after what seems like a lifetime swimming up a very steep stream. When you’ve depleted any energy and drive you once had to be who you are – or who you want to be – and no longer have the will to lift one eye lid up to see, let alone a whole arm to do.

But this fatigue – though it is spreading fast like a virus throughout my life– is not simply a result of working too hard, playing too hard or indeed life being generally hard. Its roots lie deep within; stemming from my increasing realisation that my attempts to live a green, waste less, compassionate life is surrounded by a million and one others who simply don’t give a shit. Apparently it’s called Activist Burnout, and I’m certainly not the only one who suffers from it. Continue reading Activist Burnout: When being green just feels really f**king hard

5 Things I Miss as a Vegan

Aside from the obvious – and completely uninformed – questions concerning where I get my protein from, or how I could possibly live without cheese, one question always pops up when I tell someone I’m vegan; what do I miss the most? I find this a really odd thing to ask. It assumes that by cutting out animal products from my life I have in turn backed myself into a limited resource corner; in which I am deprived of what are clearly the most desirable things in life. Oh poor vegan me, people must think. No chocolate, ice cream, lamb chops, macaroni cheese, leather belts, “luxury” cosmetics etc etc. Surely I would miss all those things as they are so engrained in our culture, our history and more importantly, our habits. Continue reading 5 Things I Miss as a Vegan

A Contradiction in Ethics: Can You Really Be Vegan and Green?

When, about a month ago, the wonderful Zero Waste Millennial posted a blog titled “Is it possible to be Vegan and Zero waste?” and began it with the immediate answer “no”, it got me thinking. I have wondered myself if it’s possible to champion animal rights, human rights, environmental issues (which in itself is a huge subject…) and live as happily and healthily as possible; whilst still having fun and enjoying the pleasures in life!

But what happens when contradictions in our ethics occur? What if the vegan option isn’t organic but the meat option is? Or the products which avoid exploitation of humans are not sustainable or chemical free? Or your beautiful, naturally sourced fabric from a fair trade cotton producer in India incurred an incredibly large carbon footprint? Surely something has to give? Continue reading A Contradiction in Ethics: Can You Really Be Vegan and Green?

Lazy Vegan Recipe: Mexican Vegetable Stew with Butternut Dip and Spiced Wedges

Though we are technically at the height of summer, and it’s the time of year for salads and ice lollies; we have  a freak thunderstorm here in Cornwall today, and I am feeling ill. What started as a stuffy nose earlier in the week has evolved into a throat which feels  like its on fire every time I swallow or talk. So for now I’m not planning to do either!!

But I will have to eat at some point, and when I do I want it to be the most ultimate comfort food I can think of…that isn’t boring old soup. So I thought today, for Meat Free Monday, I would share my old favourite Mexican Vegetable Stew recipe; which is soothing on the throat but has a bit of a chilli kick to help with coldy noses!  Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Mexican Vegetable Stew with Butternut Dip and Spiced Wedges

Understanding: Ethical & Vegan Wine

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is approaching and it’s nearly time to kick off those shoes, enjoy some good food and have a well-deserved glass of wine. But if, like me, you’re trying to live a greener lifestyle and be more conscious about what you consume; getting to grips with what wine you should drink can be pretty tricky. Continue reading Understanding: Ethical & Vegan Wine

Can Cows sniff out a Vegan?

Now, this might seem like a very odd question but let me explain…

I think myself to be a very lucky countryside commuter; starting my day with a brisk 25 minute walk to work, along a steep and scenic country path in rural Cornwall. And as the day at my desk comes to a close, I always have the gentle walk back down the hill to look forward to; amongst wild flowers, dusty paths and resident cows!

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The Green way to V..

Like an enthusiastic keen bean who publicly announces their intention to run a marathon, and instantly regrets it; I told everyone I’d gone Vegan on the first day of deciding myself. Way to set yourself up for a fall! Here followed daily inquisitions into my nutritional intake, challenges on my personal ethics and persistent questions like: “But if we didn’t eat beef or cheese, wouldn’t cows be extinct?” In hindsight, I probably should have given myself some time to gather my thoughts on my ethics and beliefs, before opening myself up for public judgement.

But then again, I could never have predicted that people would get so darn defensive about what I (not them, I might add…) chose to consume!

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