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5 Things I Miss as a Vegan

Aside from the obvious – and completely uninformed – questions concerning where I get my protein from, or how I could possibly live without cheese, one question always pops up when I tell someone I’m vegan; what do I miss the most? I find this a really odd thing to ask. It assumes that by cutting out animal products from my life I have in turn backed myself into a limited resource corner; in which I am deprived of what are clearly the most desirable things in life. Oh poor vegan me, people must think. No chocolate, ice cream, lamb chops, macaroni cheese, leather belts, “luxury” cosmetics etc etc. Surely I would miss all those things as they are so engrained in our culture, our history and more importantly, our habits. Continue reading 5 Things I Miss as a Vegan

A Summer of Vegan Dining

OK, I admit it. I’m one of those horrendous people who insists on taking pictures of their food before eating it; no matter how antisocial or inappropriate the situation may be.  But I just can’t help myself. I’m a foodie who loves to look at, eat and talk about food. I’m also a shameless copycat for food I enjoy, and often take inspiration for my own cooking from photos I have taken of others culinary skills.

My photo collection of previous meals also serves another, more useful, function. It very easily answers the question of “what do vegans even eat anyway?” These days, I don’t have to give a well-informed lecture about the nutritionally rich and diverse foods available for vegan dining, I can simply hand them my phone to browse through millions of pictures of what I actually have eaten. Easy!

And browsing through my phone last weekend, trying to find a needle in a foodie photo haystack, I realised I’d had a pretty foodilicious summer. So I thought for a bit of fun I would share some of my highlights so you too can know what a lazy vegan foodie eats!

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