Vegan Life: Issue 8 Review

When, late last year, the introduction of a new vegan specific lifestyle magazine – Vegan Life – was announced, I think more than a few people cried a big veggie hooray! But little did I know that this monthly magazine would become such an important part of my plant based lifestyle, in more ways than one.

Mixing delicious vegan recipes, restaurant reviews and beauty product spotlights, as well as fantastic interviews and news from around the world, Vegan Life is fast becoming an invaluable source for connecting vegans with goings on around the world. Not to mention helping us to feel part of a passionate and diverse community.

In short, Vegan Life makes vegan living sexy, accessible and fun to be part of.


So, after reading every single issue back to back for the last 7 months, I’m very excited to announce that I’ve now joined the lovely Vegan Life Blogger community and will be sharing my review of each issue from here on out!!

Sometimes I’ll simply share highlights from my fav parts of an issue, and other time’s I’m going to brave testing out one of their delicious recipes to expand my culinary skills!

To kick us off, here’s 10 things you simply can’t afford to miss from the September issue of Vegan Life:

Not to Miss from Septembers Vegan Life:

1. Six sexy giveaways – Including Hurraw lipgloss, tickets to the OM Yoga show, Choc Shot hot chocolate and even a plant based cook book for doggies!


2. Martisa Heath’s argument for why Veganism should be a political issue

3. The recipe for a hearty, colourful Mexican Casserole

vegan life september accidental vegan

4. Tips and advice for veg you can easily regrow at home from leftovers

5. Review for my favourite local Cornish vegan restaurant Wildebeest (So excited, this place totally deserves more publicity!!)

accidentally vegan veganlife sept

6. The Accidental Vegan – Five tasty things that are vegan without even trying!

7. Fascinating interview with founder of the Ethical History Museum.

ethical history museum

8. Nutrition advice on getting your daily dose of Selinium

9. Recipe for Orange and Gingerbread Slice (NOM!)

10. The ads! yup, even the adds in Veganlife are an exciting introduction to new products which make plant based living as easy as possible!

Vegan life adverts

Try it for yourself

You can find your nearest Vegan Life stockist on their website, or download the app and always have it with you!

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