Five essentials for a lazy green beach bag

Summer is slowly but surely coming to a close and, here in Cornwall, I’ve noticed an influx of last minute beach goers desperate to enjoy the last few weeks of the summer sun.

Even woodland fairies like me – who prefer a welly-booted walk through an enchanted forest – like the occasional day at the beach to soak up some sun, sea and sand. But before running toward the coast with our beach bags full to the brim, here’s my five essentials for a lazy green beach bag:

1. For staying hydrated

I like to plug my reusable water bottle at every opportunity as it’s my number one rule for green living! Take a big bottle of cold water – perhaps adding a few ice cubes and slices of citrus fruit – and you’ll save yourself money and the ocean a heap of plastic, whilst staying cool on the beach.


2. For protecting yourself

Whether you’re sunning yourself in the scorching Spanish heat, or shivering on the windy Cornish coast, sun lotion is a must for protecting against the sun’s rays. Check out these 5 vegan friendly sunscreens which means being burn free is cruelty free.


3. For staying entertained

Chilling on the beach doesn’t have to be mind-numbing if you take something along to read which is informative and potentially life changing. Use the time lying on the beach to read up on something you don’t know much about, like climate change with George Monbiot’s Heat, or Get some ideas for easy activism with Ruth Stokes’ Armchair Activist Handbook.

feet in sand

4. For snoozing on

Snoozing and lounging around on the beach is serious business and you should have adequate equipment to ensure a good beach rest. Treat yourself to an organic cotton or bamboo beach towel to snuggle into, like a colourful stripy towels or this organic Turkish towel. Both make great wraps or blankets for winter too!


5. For Helping out

It goes without saying that we should take any rubbish we make on the beach home with us, but carrying a spare bag for a 10 minute beach clean is a nice way to go that extra tiny mile. A quick walk along the beach picking up any rubbish you find really helps out the local beach lovers, and ensures nothing is swept up to contribute to ocean pollution.



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  1. Reblogged this on green content and commented:
    Sadly summer is gone, it’s actually freezing where I live :roll:, but I really like this post as I live on a beach and you never know maybe I’ll get to some exotic location somewhere soon…. Thanks A Lazy Girl Goes Green!!!


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