Zero Waste Tools for Foodies on the Go

Ola my lazy green lovelies! I just wanted to check in and share some zero waste gear I’ve recently purchased for drinking and eating on the go. These two nifty things will keep me avoiding single use plastic containers both at home, and on the road when travelling, and are fast joining my handbag essentials, along with my phone and purse.

You may recall in one of my first ever posts that I have a very irrational distaste for tap water. So much so that I literally can’t drink water unless it has been filtered or come straight from a spring. A bit of a Princess, I know, but I just can’t get used to the taste! As such, I’ve been carrying my trusty Bobble water bottle with me for the last year or so.

Brita Fill & Go water bottle

However, the one thing that really bugged me about my Bobble water bottle was that the filter was a big chunk of plastic that had to be discarded every month of so. So, when I spotted my bestie at yoga a few weeks ago with a slimline Brita Fill & Go water bottle, I ordered myself one to give it a road test. In a nutshell, I’ve given my Bobble the boot!!

Brita Fill and Go bottle review

Without going into crazy detail about what is, lets face it, just a water bottle, there are 2 perks that I love about my new Brita Fill & Go water bottle:

  1. It has a straw option so you don’t have to tip up the bottle when on the move or driving.
  2. The filter is much smaller and is a far more environmentally friendly option than the plastic Bobble filter.

A bonus is that it’s also slightly more affordable to buy and maintain, with a bottle and 4 filters setting you back about £9 (Bobble filters cost approx £5 each!). Less waste and less money is a winner in my book!

Sistema salad to go box

So whats my second zero waste gadget I hear you cry? Well it’s maybe not very fancy but it’s very very useful. I have treated myself to.. a Sistema salad to go box. Though in essence its just a Tupperware box, the Sistema box is Phthalate and BPA free, and comes with two levels, a salad dressing pot and a set of reusable cutlery.

Sistema salad to go box review

I’ve been testing the salad box by packing my own lunch for work, but I’ve got long term plans for this baby! With an impending trip around the world, I’m going to be passing through A LOT of airports and train stations, at the mercy of expensive vending machines and restaurants.

With my trusty box packed in my backpack (it can hold my socks when not in use) I’ll have a handy receptacle to  pack my own lunches or throw in unused ingredients bought at hostel stays. It also serves as a useful reminder for me to keep a check on my nutrition as a travelling vegan, by loading it up with some leafy greens, a few toms and an avocado or two 🙂

What’s your favorite zero waste tools for munching on the go?

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