Zero Waste Week 2015 – My pledge to Reuse

It’s that time of year again, when summer has reached its peak, Autumn seems just around the corner AND…it’s nearly time for Zero Waste Week!

For those of you who have been hiding behind your bins bags for the last 8 years (naughty, naughty!) Zero Waste Week is an awesome campaign to get us reducing our waste for just one week a year, in a bid to set us up with some money saving, and planet saving, habits.

This year the week will be running between 7th – 13th September, and the theme this time is one of my favourite pastimes: ‘Reuse’. What better way to be green than to save on resources and make the most of what you’ve already got?! All you need to do is sign up and pledge just one thing you plan to tackle during the week in the name of Zero Waste!

But why would you need to sign up to a campaign to be greener, I hear you ask? For all the lovely zero waste comrades of course! Last year was my first year of A Lazy Girl Goes Green, as well as my first year as a Zero Waste Week Blog Ambassador, and the people I met during the week inspired me endlessly with their knowledge. They were literally invaluable to my journey as a green newbie. Plus, being part of a bigger movement reminded me that those little things I was changing at home, was part of a bigger collection of actions that was making a huge difference overall. Win win!

Zero Waste Week (1)

So what is my reuse pledge this year? Well, as I edge closer to my year of nomadic wanderings, I can feel the risk of getting swept up with travel gadgets mania; buying endless travel equipment I really don’t need. It doesn’t make sense to go out and buy lots of “travel” stuff, when I have heaps of “normal” stuff at home I’m trying to downsize, surely I can reuse what I’ve already got to make it fit for on the road?

I’ll be blogging throughout the week with how I get on, sharing any lazy ideas for travel upcycling and getting involved in the ever useful Twitter banter with the Zero Waste gang.

Want in on the fun? Make your pledge now and let me know your plans using 

4 thoughts on “Zero Waste Week 2015 – My pledge to Reuse”

  1. Wonderful write up, thanks Trudi. Your pledge is so inspiring and I loved hearing that everyone else kept you going last year – that’s fantastic as that’s exactly the aim. You’ve made me a very happy bunny and I love that you are shunning consumerism for your pledge by making do with what you already have x

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  2. I’ve heard about the zero waste movement two weeks ago during the annual event. To be honest, I felt in love with everything! I love the idea of going waste free, of reducing, refusing, reusing! I’ve been blind for so long that now I don’t know from where to start! It is great to be part of it! I love traveling too so I’ll definitely follow your journey!


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