Packing solutions for the Green traveler

Well my lovelies, Zero waste Week is here and has already gone off with a big bang!! Some of my fellow zero waste bloggers have already shared some fabulous tips, ideas and confessions for cutting down the waste, and the activity on social media was so electric yesterday, #zerowasteweek was even trending on Twitter!!

But this week is also big for another very exciting reason: it’s my last week working at the amazing Eden Project before I pack up all my things and move back to my parents home. In less than 3 weeks I’ll be off on my round the world trip!!

After months of successful planning and not so successful saving, I’ll soon be heading off on foot with just a 46L backpack and leaving all my worldly belongings behind.

This kind of life change calls for a MASSIVE clear out, so Zero Waste Week couldn’t come at a better time!

Everything I now own in the whole world, in just a few boxes!
Everything I now own in the whole world, in just a few (badly packed) boxes!
My pledge this year – aside from being mindful and waste-free as I de-cluttered for my move – is to refrain from buying lots of travel gadgets and merchandise before I’ve raided what I already have. After all, with a bit of creativity and imagination I might just be able to make something myself for free.

This is easier said than done though, when you’re a lazy/reluctant upcycler whose imagination only extends to that which can be consumed with a nice glass of wine!

But one thing I have been good at, it seems, is hoarding random empty boxes, and luckily it’s this kind of reuse I can envisage.

After all, when I’ve crammed a years worth of provisions into a relatively modest backpack, I need to be smart with my packing to ensure I can actually find things when I need the. And here’s where my little boxes can really help.


Ranging from Conditioner and moisturiser pots, to Jewelry boxes of various sizes; I don’t need to buy special travel packing cubes when I can reuse old containers to store smaller items in my backpack.

Hairbands, keys, jewelry, medication and even food will be safe and easy to find when I need them.



The smaller, flatter boxes are also very handy for sending things back home in envelopes; such as gifts for friends and family, or trinkets I’ve bought for myself and don’t want to lose on the road!

And what about bigger items such as clothes and shoes? Again, instead of using travel packing cubes to keep everything in order, I’m simply going to pack things inside reusable cotton bags that I usually go shopping with.


Not only will I save money and make the most of what I have, I’ll also have my trusty reusable shopping bag with me as a day bag or for shopping trips at the colourful markets in India. Win, win!

Now, all I need to do is decide what is going in my new reusable packing solutions….and more importantly, how I can smuggle my cat in there too!!

How’s your Zero Waste Week going so far?! Any tips for a lazy green traveler?!

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