Why getting muddy is the key to gratitude

This week kicked off with an exciting start, when I had my very first ever post published on my favorite website, Elephant Journal!

My extremely honest and personal story – detailing an embarrassing fall into a huge puddle of mud – is a reflection on how I generally like to live life; with trust, gratitude and a huge sense of humor!

The fact is, shit happens every single day, and we will regularly get covered knee deep in sticky, muddy situations. The key to living a happy and full life is to learn from these falls from grace, and welcome the lessons they often bring.

Sometimes, though not always, it can even be quite liberating and awakening to throw yourself into unknown or scary situations, as you’ll likely surprise yourself with just what you’re made of!

So, if you need a little reminder of the twists and turns of life, or simply fancy a giggle at my expense, have a little read of my Elephant Journal post: Why You Should Throw Yourself into the Mud Immediately.

Image: PRO micadew at Flickr

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