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How The Sharing Economy Can Save Your Summer

Buying locally, buying organic and buying natural; all things I’ve started to master over the last few months of my “going green” journey. Whether it’s switching to eco beauty products, or spending my pennies on locally grown veggies; I slowly feel like I’m getting to grips with what it means to “buy sustainably”. But buying less – or nothing at all – well…I still have a little way to go on that one!

But there’s one thing that’s been popping up almost everywhere recently; reminding us that we can easily change the way we consume, use and discard everyday items, skills and services. It’s being called the sharing economy…and its saving us time, money and – in essence – our planet. Continue reading How The Sharing Economy Can Save Your Summer

Lazy making: Chalkboard storage tub

Hello lazy green people!

This weekend I am knee deep in boring Uni work (no rest for the lazy eh?!) so, to keep you all out of trouble and give you something fun and green to try, I thought I would share something nifty I made recently.

Continue reading Lazy making: Chalkboard storage tub