up cycling old tubs

Lazy making: Chalkboard storage tub

Hello lazy green people!

This weekend I am knee deep in boring Uni work (no rest for the lazy eh?!) so, to keep you all out of trouble and give you something fun and green to try, I thought I would share something nifty I made recently.

up cycling old tubsSo, I have a bit of a strange addiction to collecting tubs, boxes and bags; just in case I ever need them again. But they just get shoved recklessly into a cupboard and end up hurtling themselves toward my face as soon I open the door to retrieve anything. One such box, which heroically launched in my way and inspired a sense of creativity, was an old Body Shop Body butter jar.
Now, I wasn’t lying when I told you I wasn’t very crafty, arty or creative in any way; but here is a really easy way to make use of old boxes or tubs with very little time or money!

Chalkboard storage tub

chalkboard storage tubs

You need:

  • An empty tub with lid: this can be from an old moisturiser, take-away, margarine spread etc
  • A tin of black board paint (mine cost me about £3 from Wilkinsons)
  • A paint brush
  • An old newspaper
  • Pack of chalk


  1. Lay out your newspaper and cover your clothes if you happen to be a messy/clumsy person!
  2. Remove the lid from the pot and lie flat on the newspaper
  3. Add a small amount of the paint to your brush and paint a first layer onto the lid
  4. Leave to dry for about 10-20 minutes before adding a second layer
  5. Leave for another 30 minutes (or if impatient like me, use a hairdryer on a low setting…) and then it’s ready to decorate!

These are so useful for storing odds and sods in or as personalised gift boxes and you can do it with things like old spice jars too!

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