Lazy Vegan Recipe: Seasonal Veg Risotto

It’s Monday again already? I’m pretty sure last time I blinked it was Friday evening and I was ready for a relaxing weekend! But one good thing about Mondays is that I get to talk about food, and share one of my lazy vegan recipes, so it’s not all that bad!

While eating out yesterday in a popular Italian restaurant (mentioning no names…) I noticed that, while vegetarian options are now widely available, cheese seems to be the star of the show in almost every dish. But as a vegan – who used to be a massive cheese fiend – I now see that this very fattening flavour enhancer can easily be swapped for garlic, chilli oil or fresh herbs; leaving the dish just as flavoursome (and  WAY healthier). Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Seasonal Veg Risotto

Lazy Movie Day….10 Must See Green Documentaries

Its Glastonbury weekend and instead of being stuck in the rain, squelching through mud and nursing a rather nasty hangover; I’m stuck indoors feeling bored and restless….nursing a rather nasty hangover! Sometimes the only thing you can do when its rainy outside, and you are lacking the motivation or energy to do something, is to have a movie day; curled up on the sofa with blankets and a selection of snacks (healthy of course… 😛 ).

But before you crack open your cringey chick flicks or addictive box sets, it might be worth considering swapping movies for some green documentaries. Not only do you get the guilty pleasure of sitting around all day watching TV, but it kind of feels a little less lazy because you are educating yourself too!

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Understanding: Palm Oil

In an interview with the Ecologist last week, one of my favourite green cleaning brands, Ecover, revealed their use of algal oil (a synthetic biology oil) in replacement of palm oil. This sparked my curiosity. Why would a company who pride themselves on using “plant and mineral based ingredients…without those chemical nasties” switch from naturally grown Palm oil to a genetically modified organism (GMO) ingredient? We have all heard of the issues surrounding palm oil, but is it really that bad?

So I did a little bit of digging (lazy girl style) to get to the bottom of this natural, but controversial oil; and made a few discoveries of my own very close to home… Continue reading Understanding: Palm Oil

Lazy Indoor Gardening for the non green-fingered

When I started A lazy Girl Goes Green a few months back, I said that you really don’t need to be a green fingered, creative up-cycling goddess to live a greener lifestyle. There really are hundreds of ways to green up your life, which don’t involve sowing seeds, or sewing machines. I mainly said this because I am neither crafty or green fingered; therefore I whole-heartedly stick by that statement! That said…I did make a promise on World Environment Day to appreciate my surrounding; pledging to attempt a little indoor Cornish garden at home. I am a queen procrastinator, but I never break a promise… Continue reading Lazy Indoor Gardening for the non green-fingered

Lazy vegan Recipe: Seasonal Asparagus & Pistachio Salad

As this week marks the end of the short asparagus season, I thought it only right to make the delicious vegetable the star of this week’s meat free Monday recipe.  And with all this glorious sunshine bringing the UK some much needed heat, I’d say we’ve stepped into salad season!

This salad is super quick to knock up and is jam packed with all the nutrients you need to add a summer spring to your step!

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Week off: Reconnecting with nature & myself

Oh, what a difference a week off makes! As I sit here now, with a glass of wine in my hand and a cat on my lap, I feel happy, refreshed and energised; after a week off work to do nothing but feed my soul. The start of June marked the end of another campaign year at work, the completion of year 5 of my part-time History degree, and an eventful month 2 of my new blogging journey! It has been a fun few months, but boy have they been busy!! So to take a week off just for myself – to lie in, surf, sunbathe, practice yoga, read…or simply just to be – has been a complete blessing. Continue reading Week off: Reconnecting with nature & myself

Foraging for free food

My fascination for foraging began a couple of years ago, when a friend dragged me across the South Cornwall coast, in search of wild garlic to make pesto. As we strolled through shaded woodland and sunny, salty coastal paths, she pointed out plants as we went along; advising what to pick and how to cook it. I remember at the time thinking that she had managed to appear both wildy adventurous and amazingly glamorous. I was so impressed that she could simply pass a bed of many shades of green, and know which to pick to make THE most amazing dish, and which would give you a rash or even send you to your death?! Continue reading Foraging for free food

Exploring South Devon: Farms, Food, Family & Wine

This week I decided to take an impromptu week off work; to make the most of the unexpected sun we’ve been having in Cornwall, and to have some much needed lie-ins!  But before I delved in to the sun, sea and surf of Cornwall, I made a trip back home to Devon to see family for a couple of days. Continue reading Exploring South Devon: Farms, Food, Family & Wine