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Lazy Movie Day….10 Must See Green Documentaries

Its Glastonbury weekend and instead of being stuck in the rain, squelching through mud and nursing a rather nasty hangover; I’m stuck indoors feeling bored and restless….nursing a rather nasty hangover! Sometimes the only thing you can do when its rainy outside, and you are lacking the motivation or energy to do something, is to have a movie day; curled up on the sofa with blankets and a selection of snacks (healthy of course… 😛 ).

But before you crack open your cringey chick flicks or addictive box sets, it might be worth considering swapping movies for some green documentaries. Not only do you get the guilty pleasure of sitting around all day watching TV, but it kind of feels a little less lazy because you are educating yourself too!

So, I thought I would share 10 of my favourite green documentaries – covering things like sustainability, environment, food and animal rights – which I always revert back to on those “lazy but curious” kind of days:

10 Must See Green Documentaries

1. Trashed

This is an absolutely stunning documentary about our global waste problem; which somehow manages to shock, depress and inspire all at the same time! English actor Jeremy Ions travels the world, looking at the impact our waste is having on the planet; and highlights how this is something we are ALL responsible for solving it .

2. Vegucated

My ultimate favourite documentary, which I have watched way too many times! Three New Yorkers (and massive meat lovers) go vegan for 6 weeks; and learn lots about the meat and dairy industry along the way. After one screening of this I went vegan and never looked back! A totally recommended watch, even just to see what all the fuss is about with us weirdo vegans!

3. Food Inc

Though primarily focused on Americas food industry, Food Inc is a fascinating look at the relationship between politics, economics and food production. It certainly inspired me to think about the power of my purse, and what kind of industry I want to support. Cited by many as one of the most important food documentaries to watch.

4. The Cove

One of the most gripping and heartbreaking documentaries I have ever seen! Investigating Dolphin hunting practices in Japan, this film is a real eye opener; both in terms of animal rights in marine aquariums, and implications for ocean conservation across the world.

5. Born to be Wild

If you’re not quite up for a day of heavy and depressing messages of environmental doom, Born to be Wild might be a good choice for your movie day. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, this nature documentary is a beautiful and uplifting story of adorable orphaned orangutans and elephants. Sooo cute!

6. If a Tree Falls

An interesting behind the scenes look at radical environmental group,  the Earth Liberation Front;  this film explores ideas of  environmentalism, activism, terrorism  (which the FBI calls America’s ‘number one domestic terrorist threat). Bizarre.

7. Vanishing of the Bees

Where are the world honey bees disappearing to, what’s causing it and more importantly, why should we care? This is certainly an eye opener for anyone who doesn’t know about the issue and implications for the dwindling bee population (do these people still exist?!)

8. Tapped

Examining the effects of the bottled water industry on our health, climate change and pollution; Tapped  is a great watch for anyone who has read my blog on bottled water and wants to know more about the effects this huge industry is having worldwide.

9. Chasing ice 

I’ve read a lot of thing about melting ice caps and the devastation climate change is having on the Arctic; but this documentary really puts things into perspective for me.  Chasing ice follows National Geographic photographer James Balog across the Arctic, as he uses time-lapse cameras to capture a multi-year record of the world’s changing glaciers. Stunning!

10. Samsara

So you’re coming to the end of your movie day and perhaps you’re feeling a little depressed and powerless for all the craziness going on in the world? How can we save our bees, ice caps or endangered species?  How can you bear to put anything in the bin, now you’ve seen where it goes? How can you ever buy another carton of milk or bag of bacon crisps again, without collapsing into a pile of shame and self doubt?

To cheer us up, all lazy green movie days should end with Samsara; officially the most beautiful documentary I have ever watched. Shot completely in 70 mm film (with a 4 million dollar budget…) Samsara was filmed over five years, in 25 countries, documenting the variety and beauty of our world. At first glace it may seem a bit too arty, and you are likely to fidget in your seat without any clear narrative. But embrace it. Soon you will find yourself lost in the beautiful images, haunting music and (at times) randomness of Samsara; and all faith in the world will be restored.




2 thoughts on “Lazy Movie Day….10 Must See Green Documentaries”

  1. What a great list!
    I would also add The Clean Bin Project, and No Impact Man (although I haven’t actually seen this yet, but it’s on my list of things to watch!)
    Have a great weekend.


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