Lazy Vegan Recipe: Seasonal Veg Risotto

It’s Monday again already? I’m pretty sure last time I blinked it was Friday evening and I was ready for a relaxing weekend! But one good thing about Mondays is that I get to talk about food, and share one of my lazy vegan recipes, so it’s not all that bad!

While eating out yesterday in a popular Italian restaurant (mentioning no names…) I noticed that, while vegetarian options are now widely available, cheese seems to be the star of the show in almost every dish. But as a vegan – who used to be a massive cheese fiend – I now see that this very fattening flavour enhancer can easily be swapped for garlic, chilli oil or fresh herbs; leaving the dish just as flavoursome (and  WAY healthier). Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Seasonal Veg Risotto