The Lazy Way to Save a Burnt Pan

About a month ago, I found myself getting very engrossed in a very animated and fun #makedoandmendhour on Twitter. Hosted by My Make Do and Mend Year’s Jen Gale, the hour is an opportunity for frugally thrifty upcyclers and crafty creators to share what they have been making; or ask advice and inspiration from others. As a complete notice to anything that involves a needle and thread or glue gun, I tend to be more of an observer than a contributor; but get engrossed in the conversations nevertheless!

However, this particular evening I got so distracted with the conversation, that I forgot the pan of rhubarb I was cooking in the kitchen; to make a seasonal fruit compote. That was until the smoke of the burning pan wafted across the house and alerted me to the obliterated pan! Continue reading The Lazy Way to Save a Burnt Pan

Lazy Vegan Recipe: Crispy Almond Polenta Balls

Yay! It’s Meat Free Monday again, and I have a bit of a naughty treat for you!

I made these Crispy Almond Polenta Bites this weekend when I was craving some yummy fried goodness, which you often don’t have as a Vegan. Generally my diet consists of tofu, beans, lentils and a whole load of fresh vegetables; but sometimes you just need a little naughtiness!

Whilst I admit this recipe isn’t that lazy (they do take a while to prepare) it does make 20 or so balls; so you can freeze them for another time when you don’t fancy cooking. They are a perfect alternative to meatballs with spaghetti, as party nibbles or cold with hummus on a salad. Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Crispy Almond Polenta Balls

10 Ethical Brands Owned by Big Corporations

When going green, an obvious first step for many is trying to buy more ethical products; from organic veg and natural soap, to shampoos and cleaning products which haven’t been tested on animals. That’s why one of the first blogs I wrote, when trying to live more sustainably, was all about Understanding Ethical Labels and how you can work out what’s green or not.

But more and more, small ethical brands, which use these labels, are being bought by big corporations who, – through other brands and products – may often be considered the antithesis of ethical. Primarily focused on profit and expansion; these large corporations often use unsustainable practices, produce genetically modified products, test on animals and generally seek to compete with smaller, family run companies. It seems that as big brands become less desirable than the natural, organic or ethical companies; they are investing in them to reap the benefits of the booming green industry. Big corporations are really beginning to have a monopoly on everything we buy… Continue reading 10 Ethical Brands Owned by Big Corporations

Lazy Recipe: Easy Vegan Pesto

Happy Meat Free Monday lazy green people!

This has to be my laziest recipe yet; as all in all it took less than 10 minutes to prepare and make! But after a long day at work in a hot stuffy office, I was looking for something quick and easy that didn’t involve a warm oven. And despite my history of unintentionally killing off almost every plant I have ever tried to grow, my basil is growing so fast my conservatory is beginning to resemble the rainforest biome at the eden project!

This recipe uses key ingredients that everyone will have in their kitchen; apart from the nutritional yeast, which is more commonly a vegan essential ingredient. But it can be  found in most supermarkets or health food shops. You can also easily pimp up your pesto with whatever you have to hand. It works particularly  well with sun dried tomatoes, chilli oil or swapping the pine nuts for another nut (I used almonds). The best thing is, it’s completely raw and dairy free! Continue reading Lazy Recipe: Easy Vegan Pesto

Understanding: Plastic Pollution

This month, thousands of people across the world are taking part in the fourth year of Australian born awareness campaign: Plastic Free July. Aiming to raise global awareness of just how much we reply on plastic, their challenge is simple: refuse single-use plastic for one whole month.

But simple in theory is not always simple in practice; and I have watched in awe over the last few weeks as people think creatively and resourcefully to dodge those pesky plastics! One of my favourite fellow bloggers, Westywrites, has been sharing her plastic free progress; from buying bag-less tea (yes, even they contain plastic!) and bottle-less shampoo, to sending twitter questions to the companies who produce plastic laden products. But as I’ve seen for many plastic free heroes, it’s a tough old slog and can feel like a never ending battle. Plastic is literally everywhere!

But this got me thinking. Just how critical has plastic pollution become, and what can be done to rectify the devastation it’s causing? I learnt a little about plastic bottles when I switched to my reusable water bottle, but I have a feeling its a little more complex than that. Cue some Lazy Green Girl research… Continue reading Understanding: Plastic Pollution

How The Sharing Economy Can Save Your Summer

Buying locally, buying organic and buying natural; all things I’ve started to master over the last few months of my “going green” journey. Whether it’s switching to eco beauty products, or spending my pennies on locally grown veggies; I slowly feel like I’m getting to grips with what it means to “buy sustainably”. But buying less – or nothing at all – well…I still have a little way to go on that one!

But there’s one thing that’s been popping up almost everywhere recently; reminding us that we can easily change the way we consume, use and discard everyday items, skills and services. It’s being called the sharing economy…and its saving us time, money and – in essence – our planet. Continue reading How The Sharing Economy Can Save Your Summer

Lazy Recipe: Vegan Chocolate Brownie Passion

Being vegan is generally easy. When met with curious eyes and questioning remarks; I generally describe it as “being a vegetarian without the eggs and cheese”.  But those who choose to avoid all animal products – whether to live more ethically, sustainably, or just to be a little healthier– know that occasionally there is a little something missing.

While we can switch our products to vegan friendly versions, and find new and inventive ways to turn nuts into absolutely anything; there is one thing that I’m sure we all secretly crave that is rarely fulfilled…gooey chocolate heaven! As a veteran chocoholic, since going vegan my taste for the sweet brown stuff has waned. Admittedly this is more due to the lack of good vegan chocolate readily available in Cornwall, than a taming of my own desires. Continue reading Lazy Recipe: Vegan Chocolate Brownie Passion

Review: Pure Chimp Cleanser

I’m excited. It’s Saturday morning, my cold has gone and this morning I received a parcel containing something free! Always a good start to the weekend…

The reason I hadn’t paid for the Pure Chimp Super Cleanser inside, was because I’d managed to break my spell of never winning anything in my life, and won a competition with The Vegan Society earlier this month. And of all the competitions I’ve entered in the past – from holidays and cars, to  electric powered cat hair removers – I feel justice has been served by winning what I may well now define as my new favourite cleanser!  Continue reading Review: Pure Chimp Cleanser