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Ethical Mobile Phone Network

Last summer, I posted a blog – Love Thy Old Phone (and Lazily Cut Electrical Waste) – about how I refused to buy in to the increasing culture of upgrading to a new phone every time one was offered. I’ve had the same old iphone for the last 3 years and have saved load of money on a sim only contract which gives me all the calls, texts and data I had before, but over half the price of my previous contract. I’ve continued over this last year to be smug in the knowledge that I haven’t contributed to the millions of phones being discarded yearly, and have the bashed up device to prove it! Continue reading Ethical Mobile Phone Network

10 Ethical Brands Owned by Big Corporations

When going green, an obvious first step for many is trying to buy more ethical products; from organic veg and natural soap, to shampoos and cleaning products which haven’t been tested on animals. That’s why one of the first blogs I wrote, when trying to live more sustainably, was all about Understanding Ethical Labels and how you can work out what’s green or not.

But more and more, small ethical brands, which use these labels, are being bought by big corporations who, – through other brands and products – may often be considered the antithesis of ethical. Primarily focused on profit and expansion; these large corporations often use unsustainable practices, produce genetically modified products, test on animals and generally seek to compete with smaller, family run companies. It seems that as big brands become less desirable than the natural, organic or ethical companies; they are investing in them to reap the benefits of the booming green industry. Big corporations are really beginning to have a monopoly on everything we buy… Continue reading 10 Ethical Brands Owned by Big Corporations