Ethical Mobile Phone Network

Last summer, I posted a blog – Love Thy Old Phone (and Lazily Cut Electrical Waste) – about how I refused to buy in to the increasing culture of upgrading to a new phone every time one was offered. I’ve had the same old iphone for the last 3 years and have saved load of money on a sim only contract which gives me all the calls, texts and data I had before, but over half the price of my previous contract. I’ve continued over this last year to be smug in the knowledge that I haven’t contributed to the millions of phones being discarded yearly, and have the bashed up device to prove it!

My phone smugness reached new heights today, when I received a free pay as you go sim card in the post from ethical phone network, The Peoples Operator. With only a few months left until I jet off on my travels, and impending lack of income, I needed to switch from a contract to a PAYG to save on monthly fees. After looking into providers and deals, I stumbled upon The Peoples Operator; who not only provide a good value service, but also campaign for charitable causes, non-profit organisations and ethical groups.


Top up bundles are pretty good value, starting from just £5, and the network enjoys 99% coverage across the UK. But the thing that hooked me in is their approach to profits. It’s not just about making money for these guys and, as part of their mission to make a positive impact in the world, 10% of your bill is donated to a charity of your choice! Yes you heard correctly. They give £1 for every £10 spent to charity, rather than lining their greasy pockets or spending millions on expensive ad campaigns!

When you sign up, you simply choose from a vast selection of charities (from big names like WaterAid, to your local community project) and if you can’t find your preferred charity, just get in touch and ask them to add it!

I am yet to test my sim out, but I’m excited with the prospect of this easy and inexpensive way of contributing to a charity I support buy doing the thing I love most….talking!!

2 thoughts on “Ethical Mobile Phone Network”

  1. Could you not simply use O2, and then pick a charity you like and donate half to them, as you would end up with the same amount of minutes, texts, and mobile data, that to me it just seems to make more sense to do this…


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