Lazy Recipe: Vegan Chocolate Brownie Passion

Being vegan is generally easy. When met with curious eyes and questioning remarks; I generally describe it as “being a vegetarian without the eggs and cheese”.  But those who choose to avoid all animal products – whether to live more ethically, sustainably, or just to be a little healthier– know that occasionally there is a little something missing.

While we can switch our products to vegan friendly versions, and find new and inventive ways to turn nuts into absolutely anything; there is one thing that I’m sure we all secretly crave that is rarely fulfilled…gooey chocolate heaven! As a veteran chocoholic, since going vegan my taste for the sweet brown stuff has waned. Admittedly this is more due to the lack of good vegan chocolate readily available in Cornwall, than a taming of my own desires. Continue reading Lazy Recipe: Vegan Chocolate Brownie Passion