Understanding: Plastic Pollution

This month, thousands of people across the world are taking part in the fourth year of Australian born awareness campaign: Plastic Free July. Aiming to raise global awareness of just how much we reply on plastic, their challenge is simple: refuse single-use plastic for one whole month.

But simple in theory is not always simple in practice; and I have watched in awe over the last few weeks as people think creatively and resourcefully to dodge those pesky plastics! One of my favourite fellow bloggers, Westywrites, has been sharing her plastic free progress; from buying bag-less tea (yes, even they contain plastic!) and bottle-less shampoo, to sending twitter questions to the companies who produce plastic laden products. But as I’ve seen for many plastic free heroes, it’s a tough old slog and can feel like a never ending battle. Plastic is literally everywhere!

But this got me thinking. Just how critical has plastic pollution become, and what can be done to rectify the devastation it’s causing? I learnt a little about plastic bottles when I switched to my reusable water bottle, but I have a feeling its a little more complex than that. Cue some Lazy Green Girl research… Continue reading Understanding: Plastic Pollution