Lazy Vegan Recipe: 5 Minute Fruity Couscous

Meat free Monday lazy green people! Hope you had a lovely weekend and feeling peckish…I have a scrummy idea for you.

You can never have too many recipes which take just 5 minutes to make, especially when they are as versatile and delicious as fruity couscous! This dish can be served up hot with a veg stew or chickpea tagine; or cold as a salad or a quick fix lunch.

Now, this recipe is so quick and easy, that I feel a little cheeky posting it!! But it’s just as much about the inspiration than the method itself, plus I’m currently on holiday so sometimes you gotta take it easy…. Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: 5 Minute Fruity Couscous

15 Quotes Inspiring you to Live Greener

Sometime we all need a little inspiration to remind us the importance of looking after our wonderful planet.

I often find short but sweet quotes motivate me more than reels of scary stats and facts; so I thought I would share 15 of my favourite inspiring quotes to help you in your quest to live greener… Continue reading 15 Quotes Inspiring you to Live Greener

Zero Waste Week: Less than 2 weeks to go!

Over the last 5 months – as I’ve attempted to live greener without changing my whole lifestyle drastically – I have learnt a lot along the way. From shopping short cuts and lazy vegan recipes, to informative research on the issues our world currently faces; I have shared my experience and ideas with all you lovely people!

But one thing I have yet to conquer is my battle with waste; something which fills me with dread every time I’m faced with yet another statistic about the pollution caused by our own consumerist habits. I have shared a few waste reduction ideas over the last few months, but food waste is still high on my agenda, so I have taken the pledge to be involved in this year’s Zero Waste Week; in a bid to kick start this battle with the bin! Continue reading Zero Waste Week: Less than 2 weeks to go!

Lazy Vegan Recipe: Spicy Aubergine Tagine and Lemon Couscous

Happy Monday lazy green people!

Cornwall this weekend has been drizzly, chilly and grey; not the best weather for a county which prides itself on the great outdoors! As such, I needed a little taste of the exotic to trick me into thinking I was somewhere warm and far away.

Well this spicy aubergine tagine recipe did just that. Not only is it my go to recipe in the winter months for a comforting treat; it’s a fabulous dish to throw together and stick in the oven when you have more important things to do (like have rainy movie days…).

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Love Thy Old Phone (& Lazily Cut Electrical Waste)

I still remember the day I took my very first smart phone home. Excited about the convenience of carrying around what was essentially a mini computer; I loaded up my new best friend with gazillions of useful – and not so useful – apps.  In one small device I could manage my whole life on the go. Juggling my work emails and social life in one hand; whilst sharing Instagram photos of my ultra-healthy vegetable smoothie sludge, in the other. It felt like the complete epitome of modernity.  Oh the glamour! My phone are I became two peas in a pod; in which one day apart brought about feelings of longing you only see in the cheesiest of chick flicks. I was in love…

But relationships like this rarely last. As newer, sexier models come along, the heart often becomes fickle. It’s made even harder to resist by the people whose jobs are simply to lure you into upgrading to an improved version of your previous love; dazzling you with temptations of cheaper deals and a better camera…
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Lazy Recipe; Moist & Healthy Vegan Blueberry Muffins

Ok, so blueberry muffins are traditionally not too hard to create. And if you’re looking for inspiration, you should look no further than Vegan Muffin Woman, who’s stunning muffin recipes will make even the biggest vegan sceptic want to throw away their butter and munch on her sweet delights!

But….I like this muffin recipe lots and lots because not only are they quick, easy and very tasty; they are actually pretty healthy too! That’s because I let the berries do all the work when it comes to sweetness and moisture; so they don’t need much added sugar or fat. It also works well with raspberries.  Continue reading Lazy Recipe; Moist & Healthy Vegan Blueberry Muffins

Is Soy really the greener option?

Soy is fast becoming a healthier, greener option for meat and dairy; not just for vegetarians, vegans, and the dairy intolerant, but for the environmentally, ethically and health conscious too. As most coffee shops now offer soy milk, and soy based products – such as tofu and tempeh – become a standard option in many restaurants and cafes; it’s provided the world with a widely available alternative, in which to get your protein, calcium and B vitamins.

Over the last few months I have certainly become a bit of a soy fiend; and find I rarely go a day without some kind of soy based product. The convenience of tofu burgers, soy milkshakes and tempeh “bacon” rashers have largely made my transition to veganism almost seamless; in a world where I can lazily keep my eating habits if I want, simply by switching to this magic bean ingredient!

But this has got me thinking. Making these switches has been fantastic for avoiding animal products; but as the industry continues to grow, how green can soy really be? So I did a bit of digging, and opened a whole can of worms… Continue reading Is Soy really the greener option?

4 Green Events to Inspire You this Summer

Whether you’re rushed off your feet with school holidays, or stuck in a stuffy office dreaming of relaxing on a secluded beach; sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated and energised at the height of summer.

Here are 4 upcoming green events which seek to relax, educate, cultivate and inspire you to live more sustainably:

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