Lazy Vegan Recipe: Beetroot and Apple, Juice Pulp Burgers

I came across this recipe by complete accident a couple of weeks ago, when I’d made a batch of beetroot, apple and lemon juice for my breakfast. Inspired by my own attempts to use up Juice pulp during Zero Waste Week, I kept hold of the pulp leftover; determined to use it for something else.

The answer came that evening when I was tired after a long day and wanted a quick and easy meal. And thus my Beetroot and Apple Burgers were born! I freestyled and completely made it up on the spot though, so the below is a vague list of ingredients. So please feel free to experiment and try different amounts, and let me know if other fruit or veg juices work too!

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How to Make Your Own Natural Eyeshadow

This weekend I’ve been very excited to team up with the beautiful Nikki Fotheringham from the fabulous Toronto based green Living website Green Moxie! Go to to check out my “Five Fabulously Free Things made with Juice Pulp” post – as well as a tonne of other awesome green living articles. And just look at this amazing natural make-up recipe she’s shared with us lucky lazy lovelies! Continue reading How to Make Your Own Natural Eyeshadow

Henna: The Easy Way to Color Hair Naturally

I started colouring my hair at a fairly young age. Lured by the opportunity to change my look as often as I wanted, I have continued to dye my hair for the last 13 years. I’ve been pillar box red, ghostly jet black, bleached to an inch of its life blonde, and what can only be described as neon Ribena berry indigo… Continue reading Henna: The Easy Way to Color Hair Naturally

Understanding: LED lighting

Techy, I am not. And whilst I have fully intended to investigate making my home greener through clever purchasing of more efficient electricals – I just haven’t gotten around to it!

But with the evenings getting darker and cooler, I seem to  be spending more time indoors with the lights on; so I thought I’d better get to grips with greener options for lighting to help reduce my energy consumption. Often one to pass the butt, I’ve enlisted the help of; experts in the field of energy, money and time saving products for the home. These guys know their stuff (so I don’t have to…) and have shared their insider know how for understanding LED Lighting; which they suggest is the most energy efficient lighting a lazy green home can have. Continue reading Understanding: LED lighting

Lazy Vegan Recipe: Lemon and Ginger Tofu Cheesecake

Mmmm cheesecake. The one thing that has potential to throw me off the vegan wagon, with its delicious sweet creamy yuminess. And as I’ve only been vegan for 6 months now, I swear I can still taste the last salted caramel cheesecake that touched my lips…and hips!

But for me, that sweet satisfaction of a cheesecake doesn’t justify the continuous and unnatural impregnation of dairy cows –to extract milk which was made for their babies, not for adult human consumption – so I am happy with this trade of my desires for the ethics I believe so strongly in.

So lucky for me, vegan cheesecakes are – in my cheesecake connoisseur opinion – equal (if not more) delicious and “creamy” than the dairy counterpart. And my Lemon and Ginger Tofu recipe is extra special as the base is made with my nans homemade ginger biscuit recipe. In fact, it’s been tried and tested on my granddad, who is a wonderful and traditional northerner who likes meat on his plate everyday of the week, and thinks veganism is a load of nonsense. He had two slices and could easily have had more…..enough said!

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The wonders of Baobab: The New Super Food?

I have been meaning to write about Baobab for a while now; something I have been in love with ever since I discovered it at Eden a couple of years ago. This delicious “super fruit” has been the subject of many exhibits at Eden over the years; from Baobab smoothies in the rainforest biomes and its own spotlight appearance during Harvest festival, to the baobab chocolate they sell in the Eden shop. I personally have been sprinkling baobab power on my cereal for a while now; as a way to add some extra sweetness to my breakfast, and harvest some of its super food value.

But in my traditional procrastinating style I had put this post to the side; never quite getting around to it! That was until the Guardian pipped me to the post (literally) and recently shared a fabulous article: Baobab holds out promise for Malawi’s farmers and forests. So I did a little lazy girl digging to find out once and for all about this wonderful fruit, and why Baobab is fast becoming the biggest super food extraordinaire…. Continue reading The wonders of Baobab: The New Super Food?

Giveaway: Never Mind the Burdocks!

Today is a very important day. Not only is it the big day for the Scottish Referendum, but it also happens to be A Lazy Girl Goes Greens 6 month anniversary!

I have been blown away by the amount of support and love I have received over the last 6 months; not just from friends and family, but from  all of the other amazing bloggers who have welcomed me into their green living gang and continue to inspire me. A massive thank you to everyone who has commented on my blogs, liked my facebook posts or shared my bits and bobs on Twitter. It’s this kind of blog love that has kept me going when I felt like no one was out there and I suspected I was just talking a load of nonsense!

What started as a little project to keep me out of trouble during the summer, has turned into an extra limb, in which a day doesn’t go  by where I don’t discover something new and think “oh…I must blog about that!” Now I’m hooked and there’s so much more to come 🙂

To celebrate this little milestone I wanted to give something back to my wonderful lazy green readers. So I’m offering up two copies of one of my favourite books this summer: the fabulous Never Mind the Burdocks: a year of foraging in the British Isles.

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A Summer of Vegan Dining

OK, I admit it. I’m one of those horrendous people who insists on taking pictures of their food before eating it; no matter how antisocial or inappropriate the situation may be.  But I just can’t help myself. I’m a foodie who loves to look at, eat and talk about food. I’m also a shameless copycat for food I enjoy, and often take inspiration for my own cooking from photos I have taken of others culinary skills.

My photo collection of previous meals also serves another, more useful, function. It very easily answers the question of “what do vegans even eat anyway?” These days, I don’t have to give a well-informed lecture about the nutritionally rich and diverse foods available for vegan dining, I can simply hand them my phone to browse through millions of pictures of what I actually have eaten. Easy!

And browsing through my phone last weekend, trying to find a needle in a foodie photo haystack, I realised I’d had a pretty foodilicious summer. So I thought for a bit of fun I would share some of my highlights so you too can know what a lazy vegan foodie eats!

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