Lazy vegan Recipe: Gooey Chocolate and Prune Cake

For our last night on my France holiday, my grandparents hosted a big family dinner party which, in traditional French style, consisted of a lot of courses! I offered to help make the desserts as I wanted to show off how delicious Vegan sweets can be, and how you largely can’t tell the difference in the taste.

I made a very risky lemon tofu cheesecake (recipe to follow soon) and decided a good old fashioned chocolate cake was a good back up, just in case the tofu was a little too crazy for everyone else! My nan suggested adding prune paste for extra taste and moisture; something I now consider her a legend for doing so, as it was out of this world! The paste made the cake super soft and gooey, and gave it an amazing spongey glaze on the outside. Continue reading Lazy vegan Recipe: Gooey Chocolate and Prune Cake