Lazy Vegan Recipe: Summer Marrow Bolognaise Bake

Happy Meat Free Monday lazy Green people!

I don’t know about you, but I’m really starting to notice the autumn kicking in! The days are getting a little darker and it’s almost time to stop living in my flip flops! But I’m actually really excited – despite a sorrowful goodbye to the heat of summer – I’m really looking forward to comfy jumpers, hot chocolates and beautiful orange leafed trees.

To celebrate this borderline period between summer and autumn, I thought I would share this warming veggie Bolognese Bake, using the deliciously filling summer marrow. It’s a great gluten free recipe – as the marrow replaces lasagne sheets – and it’s naturally dairy free and vegan friendly. It’s also one of the laziest recipes I know, which can be easily adapted to whatever you have at home. Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Summer Marrow Bolognaise Bake

A Contradiction in Ethics: Can You Really Be Vegan and Green?

When, about a month ago, the wonderful Zero Waste Millennial posted a blog titled “Is it possible to be Vegan and Zero waste?” and began it with the immediate answer “no”, it got me thinking. I have wondered myself if it’s possible to champion animal rights, human rights, environmental issues (which in itself is a huge subject…) and live as happily and healthily as possible; whilst still having fun and enjoying the pleasures in life!

But what happens when contradictions in our ethics occur? What if the vegan option isn’t organic but the meat option is? Or the products which avoid exploitation of humans are not sustainable or chemical free? Or your beautiful, naturally sourced fabric from a fair trade cotton producer in India incurred an incredibly large carbon footprint? Surely something has to give? Continue reading A Contradiction in Ethics: Can You Really Be Vegan and Green?

Lazy vegan Recipe: Gooey Chocolate and Prune Cake

For our last night on my France holiday, my grandparents hosted a big family dinner party which, in traditional French style, consisted of a lot of courses! I offered to help make the desserts as I wanted to show off how delicious Vegan sweets can be, and how you largely can’t tell the difference in the taste.

I made a very risky lemon tofu cheesecake (recipe to follow soon) and decided a good old fashioned chocolate cake was a good back up, just in case the tofu was a little too crazy for everyone else! My nan suggested adding prune paste for extra taste and moisture; something I now consider her a legend for doing so, as it was out of this world! The paste made the cake super soft and gooey, and gave it an amazing spongey glaze on the outside. Continue reading Lazy vegan Recipe: Gooey Chocolate and Prune Cake

Zero Waste Week Day 7: Not the End of My Journey

It’s the final day of a fantastic week, of going completely zero waste, and what a journey it has been! I’ve learnt so much about the many uses for fruit and vegetable scraps, and have successfully kept every last bit of my food from going into the bin. A big thank you to everyone who got involved in Zero Waste Week this year, not only for keeping me motivated in continuing my own pledge, but also for the contribution you’ve made to tackling waste as a whole. Even the smallest attempt you make to cut waste is a success for us all 🙂 Continue reading Zero Waste Week Day 7: Not the End of My Journey

Confessions from the leftovers bowl

Right, its confession time. When I said I had gone almost a whole week without wasting one scrap of fruit or vegetable leftovers, I may have been misleading in my zero waste success. Whilst it is true that I have not thrown any food in the bin for the last 6 days, there have been a few items which completely stumped me; and as such I have been keeping them in a bowl in the fridge until I could find a use for them.

But no such inspiration has come, so now I need YOUR help in finding a use for the following items:  Continue reading Confessions from the leftovers bowl

Friday night in with a Cauliflower

Happy Friday lazy green people!

Now, this might sound a little odd; but I think the cauliflower might just have replaced my Friday night treat of Indian takeaway and a bag of crisps (not necessarily consumed together I might add…). previously, I’ve associated this classic vegetable  with the staple roast dinner dish: cauliflower cheese. But since going vegan, I have long lost hope of recreating a dairy free version, as Vegan cheeses and cheese sauces generally don’t float my boat!

But when, this week, a friend offered me a cauliflower that she wasn’t going to eat (a perfect example of zero waste sharing!), I decided to make a nice big curry with it in advance of a Friday night in. This way I could save money on takeaway AND the plastic they are often delivered in. Continue reading Friday night in with a Cauliflower

The Surprising Talents of Fruit Stones

It’s over half through Zero Waste Week already, and I’m slowly learning my lesson that the key is in the planning! Having gotten back from a lazy holiday away, to an impending week of daily blogging; I knew from the onset the easy task of doing “one more thing” to reduce my waste might actually be harder than it first sounded. But I have been eternally grateful to the impressive inspiration oozing from everyone involved in the week, and it has spurred me on to get off my butt and get waste fighting!

But after several days of feeling smug that not one part of my fruit or veg was being thrown away, I hit a wall. Well, more accurately, I hit a stone…a plum stone. I obviously didn’t want to throw it away, but I was smart enough to realise that it would do more damage than good if I tried to stick it in my juicer! Had I finally found the one piece of food I couldn’t eat?! Continue reading The Surprising Talents of Fruit Stones

How Eden Does Neutral Waste

So, its day three of Zero Waste Week and so far so good with my pledge to do “one more thing” and go zero food waste with my fruit and veg scraps. It helps that I have a more than average appetite, and generally polish off every last scrap of food in my kitchen anyway! Over the last two days I have been using up ALL of my fruit and veg; either by juicing it (then using the juice pulp) or by thinking outside the box with my left over peelings. The theme I’m spotting is creativity and curiosity with food; all of which takes little time or effort!

But before I go further, I thought I would check in with the experts and see how they tackle waste. I have mentioned before that I work at a pretty amazing environmental and educational charity – the Eden Project – whose stunning captive Rainforest and Mediterranean biomes attract millions of visitors to Cornwall every year. But Eden doesn’t just encourage people to think about the impact we have on our planet, and how we can collectively protect and conserve its resources. They also put their money where their mouth is operate as zero waste as they can. Continue reading How Eden Does Neutral Waste