Confessions from the leftovers bowl

Right, its confession time. When I said I had gone almost a whole week without wasting one scrap of fruit or vegetable leftovers, I may have been misleading in my zero waste success. Whilst it is true that I have not thrown any food in the bin for the last 6 days, there have been a few items which completely stumped me; and as such I have been keeping them in a bowl in the fridge until I could find a use for them.

But no such inspiration has come, so now I need YOUR help in finding a use for the following items: 

Exhibit A: Tomato vine stalk

reuse tomato vines

Exhibit B: Garlic skin

reuse garlic skins

Exhibit C: Onion skins and ends

reuse onion skins

Exhibit D: Hard and nobbly courgette end

reuse courgette end

I would be sooo grateful if you could email me, tweet me or comment on the bottom of this post any ideas you have for using up the above items! 

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