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Lazy Vegan Recipe: Crispy Almond Polenta Balls

Yay! It’s Meat Free Monday again, and I have a bit of a naughty treat for you!

I made these Crispy Almond Polenta Bites this weekend when I was craving some yummy fried goodness, which you often don’t have as a Vegan. Generally my diet consists of tofu, beans, lentils and a whole load of fresh vegetables; but sometimes you just need a little naughtiness!

Whilst I admit this recipe isn’t that lazy (they do take a while to prepare) it does make 20 or so balls; so you can freeze them for another time when you don’t fancy cooking. They are a perfect alternative to meatballs with spaghetti, as party nibbles or cold with hummus on a salad. Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Crispy Almond Polenta Balls