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Lazy Vegan Party Recipe: Trudi’s Thai Tartlets

This weekend, for the 7th year running, millions of people all across the UK, got together and enjoyed with their neighbors in the name of The Big Lunch! The awesome campaign (in which I am lucky enough to actually be the Communications Manager for…yes shameful plug!) simply encourages people to sit down on the first Sunday each June and get to know people who live nearby. Some do it to help create more sustainable communities and make new friends, others simply to have a good laugh over some good food.

Yesterday, I popped down to an awesome plant-based Big Lunch nearby which was a 100% vegan friendly party, and full of a lovely mix of like-minded people from all across Cornwall. The event, which was organised by the lovely Sam Grady – a member of the Cornwall Vegans group –  enjoyed a great turnout of vegans and non vegans alike all enjoying the sun.

The beautiful layout ready for lunchers


It was especially important to me, as (up until recently) I’ve been the only vegan in my group of friends, and actually don’t know many people in Cornwall. It was a pleasure to chat to others who enjoyed the same lifestyle, and be at a party where I could enjoy everything on the table without asking what was in it!

Everyone brought a dish to share, with everything from veggie Tagine, homemade dips, pulled vegan pork (jackfruit) sandwiches and raw salads, to vegan lemon cheesecakes and chocolate brownies. Heaven!  Continue reading Lazy Vegan Party Recipe: Trudi’s Thai Tartlets

Lazy Vegan Recipe: Crispy Almond Polenta Balls

Yay! It’s Meat Free Monday again, and I have a bit of a naughty treat for you!

I made these Crispy Almond Polenta Bites this weekend when I was craving some yummy fried goodness, which you often don’t have as a Vegan. Generally my diet consists of tofu, beans, lentils and a whole load of fresh vegetables; but sometimes you just need a little naughtiness!

Whilst I admit this recipe isn’t that lazy (they do take a while to prepare) it does make 20 or so balls; so you can freeze them for another time when you don’t fancy cooking. They are a perfect alternative to meatballs with spaghetti, as party nibbles or cold with hummus on a salad. Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Crispy Almond Polenta Balls