Pure Chimp Cleanser

Review: Pure Chimp Cleanser

I’m excited. It’s Saturday morning, my cold has gone and this morning I received a parcel containing something free! Always a good start to the weekend…

The reason I hadn’t paid for the Pure Chimp Super Cleanser inside, was because I’d managed to break my spell of never winning anything in my life, and won a competition with The Vegan Society earlier this month. And of all the competitions I’ve entered in the past – from holidays and cars, to  electric powered cat hair removers – I feel justice has been served by winning what I may well now define as my new favourite cleanser! 

pure chimp vegan cleanser

New kids on the block when it comes to natural beauty products, Pure chimp was founded only last year; with their range of 100% natural, vegan friendly, skin care products . Despite being newbies, their products looked rather impressive. But as always, the proof is in the pudding; so I dug in and got clean…

When I first opened the cleanser, I did scratch my brow a little and wonder if there had been a mix up. Had they sent me ball of play dough by mistake? It felt pretty hard and wasn’t the sexiest thing I have ever smelt; it certainly didn’t look like your average cleanser. But never one to judge on look and smell (is that a bad thing?) I proceeded to the bathroom…vegan cleanser

And this is where the real magic happened! Scraping out a small almond size amount in my hand, I followed the instructions and lathered it up with some warm water. The thick, playdough paste then transformed into a smooth milky cleansing liquid which began to smell much nicer. The main ingredients of banana extract, almonds, dried marigold and extra virgin olive oil made a really natural moisturiser; whilst the kaolin clay seemed to really cleanse deeply. It felt pretty smooth on the skin, with a few lumps remaining which scrubbed away at my dry skin.



After this weeks cold, the skin on my face was beginning to resemble the skin on the bottom of my feet; dry, dull and flaky. In just one wash, this strange looking cleanser has left my face feeling exfoliated, deep cleaned and moisturised; a hard feat for something that is made almost solely from plants!

Obviously this is just my first experience of using the Pure Chimp Super Cleanser, and I impatiently wanted to share it with you immediately. So I will continue to use it over the coming months and see if it makes any long term difference to my skin. But for now, I’m saying a big lazy green thumbs up to this weird but beautiful product!

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