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You Hippies Blog Of the Week!

CaptureHey lazy green peeps, happy Friday!!

Just a quickie to share something exciting that happened this week. A lazy Go Goes Green starred as Blog of the Week on You Hippies fantastic website.

It includes a little interview with me sharing my thoughts on being a hippy (or not…) and why I think the word Hip was made for people who care about the planet! It’s always great to share tips and thoughts and with other bloggers, and I absolutely love their approach to green living. You should check out some of their fun videos too, very cheeky yet informative!

If you haven’t read my interview yet you can catch it again here


Your Green Life: The Friendly Fig

I always say that living sustainably doesnt have to involve becoming an eco-warrior overnight; growing your own food, making your own clothes and living in an eco (or tree) house. It simply means making a conscious effort to live a little greener, doing as much or as little as you can. Whether its making a switch to natural cleaning products, having a little less meat and buying less stuff, or going completely plastic free and vegan. It doesn’t have to be a stressful process, it should be easy and fun!

So, to demonstrate the varied and fun ways you can live a greener life, I wanted to interview a few inspiring people who have done just that. And so “your Green Life” is born; quizing people on what green living means to them, their insider advice on doing it the lazy way and, more importantly, what inspires them to keep it up!

First up is the lovely Bianca Scartabello from the fabulous lifestyle blog, The Friendly Fig Continue reading Your Green Life: The Friendly Fig

Understanding: Biodiversity

The word Biodiversity has cropped up on my radar a few times in my life – but as a complete dummy when it comes to science, and with very little knowledge of plants (outside of food…); I must admit I’ve never given it much thought. But as today marks The United Nations International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) – aiming to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues – maybe it’s time I do some homework! Continue reading Understanding: Biodiversity