Lazy Girl Goes Green - green living defined

Green Living: What does that actually mean?

Before I embark on my green living journey – transforming my lazy habits into lazy green habits – it might be helpful if I define what this actually entails. Should I be swapping my car for a bike, growing my own vegetables and making my clothes from scrap fabrics? Do I need to check every label in the supermarket for organic, fair-trade, recycled and natural products? Or better still, is green living boycotting the supermarket altogether and buying only sustainable, local and seasonal produce with no carbon footprint? Eeek, It all sounds a little too much like hard work to me!

Lazy Girl Goes Green - green living definedA quick Google search of “ethical” and “green living” suggests that it’s a bit of a minefield out there, and anyone new to this world could quite quickly become overwhelmed by the wealth of advice on offer.
In fact, if I wanted to tell the difference between organic, fair-trade, eco, green, sustainable and recycled products, and find out how many of them I should be rooting for; where can I go?

As a “newbie” to green living there are some things that I already seem to be doing; I just wasn’t really sure why! Like many of us I recycle weekly, buy free-range eggs and give old clothes to the local charity shop. Some of the items in my kitchen are also already organic and free-trade; though I must admit these purchases are fairly sporadic! But what more should I be doing, or is this enough?

I don’t expect to get these answers immediately – mainly because I am too lazy to search for them! But from what I have learnt so far in my mini research, going green isn’t about waking up one day an eco-warrior who lives fervently by their beliefs and ethics. It is about making a conscious effort to question habits and choices, and regularly asking yourself: “could I do things differently with minimum effort, yet leading to maximum impact?” For me, the answer is already a big lazy yes!!

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