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The Lazy Girl goes…well, lazy

After much deliberation, procrastination and general faffing, I realised today that I actually need to crack on with this journey of “A lazy Girl Goes Green”. There’s no use skirting around the meaning of this or the definition of that; if I’m not going to pull up my sleeves and actually attempt to live more sustainably!

In some ways it’s refreshing to know that I’ve stayed true to my roots, and approached my first blog with the kind of half-hearted and disorganised enthusiasm that I’ve approached so many of other personal projects throughout my life. Like the time I bought a drum kit to form that progressive metal band, or the time I (almost) completed a holistic massage course with a dream to “make holistic clinics more popular than GPs!” You can’t knock my passion, determination and get-up-and-go attitude. You can, of course, knock my general lack of commitment and ability to see anything through to the end. They don’t call my lazy for nothing I guess.

Lazy green living sunsetSo here I was today at work (which, I might add, is one of the few things I have actually loved enough to stick at…), thinking about what I should investigate for my next blog; when suddenly a patronising little voice popped up and said “how about a blog on what you’ve actually done to live greener since you started this illusive journey?!”

Well – little voice in my head, who doubts my commitment to living greener – I hang my head in shame and admit it; I have done pretty much nothing at all! Ironic as it sounds I have indeed followed the exact path that I set out to avoid, and allowed my “passionate, but lazy” tag to transform into “passionate, but too busy worrying about HOW to it, to actually DO it”. We all know that familiar feeling of watching yourself from above; as you happily and unconsciously walk, step and jump straight back into those bad habits; whilst cheerily exclaiming “Oh I can’t believe how easy it’s been to change, I haven’t even noticed the impact on my life”. Um, I think you’ll find it’s because you haven’t changed at all!

So here lies my written commitment of my actual attempt to go green. Not to define it, label it or evaluate its impact and relevance. But to actually LIVE IT, experience it and road test all the ways I can live a greener, more sustainable life. Only then can I really claim to be A Lazy Girl Goes Green. Because right now, I think we all know I’m just A Lazy Girl….

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