Can you really be green and poor?

This past year, my lazy green journey has generally led to the formation of habits which are not only healthy for my body, and nice to the planet, but save me a bit of money too. I buy less stuff – such as clothes, toiletries and gadgets – and save on things like petrol, electricity and heating bills. I’ve banked hundreds of pounds a year from carrying my own water bottle and shopping bags; all in the name of throwing away less, and saving more.

But an interesting thing happened this week, when I had to go over every inch of my outgoings, in order to penny pinch in preparation for  my upcoming backpacking trip. At a point when I’ve realised my savings budget has been dipped into one too many times, I need to save big time if I’m going to live the dream in less than 8 months time. But how do you save even more money, when you already feel like a budget conscious cave woman living a life of little frivolity?  Continue reading Can you really be green and poor?