Can you really be green and poor?

This past year, my lazy green journey has generally led to the formation of habits which are not only healthy for my body, and nice to the planet, but save me a bit of money too. I buy less stuff – such as clothes, toiletries and gadgets – and save on things like petrol, electricity and heating bills. I’ve banked hundreds of pounds a year from carrying my own water bottle and shopping bags; all in the name of throwing away less, and saving more.

But an interesting thing happened this week, when I had to go over every inch of my outgoings, in order to penny pinch in preparation for  my upcoming backpacking trip. At a point when I’ve realised my savings budget has been dipped into one too many times, I need to save big time if I’m going to live the dream in less than 8 months time. But how do you save even more money, when you already feel like a budget conscious cave woman living a life of little frivolity?  Continue reading Can you really be green and poor?

Your Green Life: Elsie Bryant (Development Truths)

I’m sure I have said before that sustainability is not just about recycling, organic food and solar panels. It’s also about all of us wonderful human beings, and how we treat each other and the world around us. I choose to be an optimist when it comes to the intentions of others, and believe that deep down we all want the best for the world; and will do anything in our power to make it fair, safe and enjoyable for everyone in it. But as we all know, information spins around so freely these days, conflict and confusion can happen; and we are often unsure what to believe when it comes to “making a difference”.

Well, let me introduce a very inspiring young lady, who happens to be one of my nearest and dearest friends: Miss Elsie Bryant! Having worked in many areas of sustainability – from Start UK and UK Green Building Council, to  awesome events such as Bristol’s Big Green Week – Elsie has worked her communications & campaigning magic across the UK green world. But her true passion lies in people; and her interest in international develop has lead to her fabulous work as an inspiring Humanitarian and environmental entrepreneur. Her personal blog, Development Truths, is an honest and frank look at the world of international development; which seeks to challenge, but not judge, our perceptions of the world around us.

And from a personal, extremely biased perspective, I simply love this chick!!

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Understanding: Fracking

I’ve been seeing an increase of stories in the news recently about ordinary people rising up, and standing up against plans for fracking in their local area. Using assertive, yet relatively peaceful, campaigning method; I’ve seen everyone from passionate, student activists to concerned, middle-aged housewives taking to the streets with placards, or writing forceful letters of objection to their MPs. This subject is a hot bed for debate in the UK right now, and everyone’s in on it.

But I must admit, until not long ago, I had largely been oblivious to what fracking actually was; simply relaxing into the view that it was something that was bad for the environment but too technical for me to understand. I’m guessing I’m not the only one to shy away from the more industrial side of sustainability, so I thought a “Fracking in a nutshell” post might be helpful! (plus I’m a massive Battlestar Gallactica fan so have been dying to over use the word Frack for years!)

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