Lazy Local shopping: Cornish Food Market

Hello my lovely lazies, how are you?!

It’s been a pretty crazy few weeks for me, with one huge event to organise at work, plus the worlds most disorganised house move ever! But I’ve settled in to my brand new little home with more resolutions that the last 5 New Years rolled in to one! Aside from doing daily yoga and meditation, and eating less junk food, I’m also going to be ditching the car and walking the 40 minutes to work everyday day. Watch this space..

Views from my lovely new porch :)
Views from my lovely new porch 🙂

But in line with my recent local for lent challenge, I am keen to continue exploring local Cornish producers rather than defaulting to the big chains for my weekly shop. So, in my traditional lazy style, this evening I have created an account with Cornish Food Market – an online company who gather food from lots of local suppliers and deliver them straight to your door! What’s cool is it also contains a few bigger brands so you can incorporate your full weekly shop in with your local goodies, and it also has a symbol for Vegan goods which is handy for me 🙂


You can get everything from fruit and veg and bakery goods, to bulk loads of nuts and seeds, and even local cider! For my first order I’ve gone for a mixed fruit and veg box (contents a surprise until its packed and delivered!), a crusty cob loaf, homemade beetroot and walnut hummus and my favorite Cornish Orchards Ginger Beer!

So the proof will be in the pudding when it arrives but its seems good value for money and you know I love cutting corners when it comes to boring things like shopping!

How do you incorporate local produce into your weekly shop?

One thought on “Lazy Local shopping: Cornish Food Market”

  1. Good luck in the new home. A forty minute walk too and from work actually sounds quite good. Comfortable but consistent exercise, time to decompress after work and probably some ever-changing nature views too…?


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