Earth Day: My favourite spots for reflecting on the world

Happy Earth Day everyone! I know, I know there seems to be a national or global recognition day for most things, but you really can’t ignore a day which is dedicated to this beautiful planet. Even Google has a cool graphic to mark the occasion!

Today, I thought I would celebrate by sharing 10 of my favourite spots on this beautiful planet – both natural and man made – all of which inspire me to keep on my green living journey and remind me what we could loose if we don’t behave ourselves. 

1. Mission Bay, Auckland, New Zealand Photo(40)

Clear blue water, white sand and views out toward the volcanic Rangitoto Island – it’s hard to believe that the modern city of Auckland was build around this stunning exotic bay. Earth at its best.

2. White Cliffs, East Sussex, England 


This picture was taken in Seaford, but all across this coastline the white cliffs are both powerful and serene; welcoming you to look out to the sea or back toward land in reflection. I’ve spend many a day chilling on these cliffs contemplating the world.


3. Minnack Theatre, Penzance, Cornwall 


What better way to marvel at both natural and man made beauty than watching a theatre production whilst overlooking the stunning Cornwall coast? With views toward the Atlantic and to Sennen Cove (prettiest beach on Earth) this theatre was chiseled into the rocks to create a quirky place to watch the human stories we love to create and share.

4. Spreepark, Berlin, Germany FB_20140403_15_34_16_Saved_Picture

It can sometimes be hard to imagine what life on Earth would be like without us in it. This run down theme park just otutside of Berlin is a haunting reminder of the waste and decay we can leave behind. Hidden inside a stunning park on the river Spree, rides from abandoned adventure park sit lonely and forgotten as the rest of the world carries on without it. Strangley beautiful though.

5. St Nectans Glen, Tintagel, Cornwall 


A hidden glen in a fairtale woodland, with a magical waterfall carving a peephole into rock…you can’t find a better place to marvel at the beautiful of Earth than here.

6. Rotorua, New Zealand 


It’s not everyday that you can check out geysers and thermal mud pools fueled by the area’s geothermal activity. So when you do, its not surprising that it will blow your mind a little. I spent hours here with a mixture of fascination and fear of what goes on not far below our Earths surface.

7. Doolin, Ireland 


The whole time I was in Ireland I was told repeatedly that it was never sunny. But sunny it sure was when we went for a coastal walk, and stumbled on this beautiful spot just outside of doolin. No houses for miles around and a rugged but still landscape, this is Earth at its most serene and natural state.

8. Central Park, New York, America 


In a quiet corner of a park in one of the Earths most bustling cities, there is a little spot that you can sit and watch the world fly by. It’s spaces like these which helped me connect back to nature when the rest of humanity is looking forward to modernity.

9. Thassos, Greece 


This quaint Greek island mixes modern holiday resorts with a sleepy, traditional community; offering a chance to reflect on the customs we choose to maintain, and the simple things which bring us enjoyment. Being so cut off from the “modern world” you can see Earth and it’s inhabitants at its best; while soaking up some much needed sun!

10. Cornhill, Cornwall (my walk to work!) 


But of all the exotic, inspiring and beautiful places I have visited nowhere beats my daily 40 minute walk to work! This country lane is relatively quiet (with the occasional car nearly running me over…) and on days like this is the most relaxing way to be at one with your thoughts and prepare for another day.

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