Find the Positives in Monday Morning: My Walk to Work

Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve all had lovely weekends so far, full of adventuress and relaxation?! I know the common feeling on a Sunday evening is to start gearing up for another week at work, and the preparation of the impending Monday blues. 

But I like to think the best way to prevent negative thoughts sinking in – especially when something is coming up that you can’t (as much as you want to…) avoid – is to concentrate on the one thing about the situation that’s really positive.

For me, my Monday blues are alleviated before I’ve even made it to my desk, simply by enjoying the stunning 40 minute walk to work. On days I’m in a hurry I can do the walk much quicker, but on a Monday I like to take my time and soak up the nature before I hit the emails. 

So I thought I would share some photos from my walk, to hopefully inspire you to search out the positives in your life tomorrow morning 🙂 


Busy Bee
Busy Bee




Don't forget to notice the details too
Don’t forget to notice the details too






4 thoughts on “Find the Positives in Monday Morning: My Walk to Work”

  1. now that is what I call a walk to work, no wonder it clears the blues. our walk to school is along one and a half of two main and busy roads but it is mostly tree lined with lovely beach trees , now in full leaf and has a small playing field at the end of the first walk is two churches one on each side of the road one is the church we go to and is lovely with trees and flowers and the other is a catholic church and equally lovely which we can walk through as a short cut and has lovely flowers. the next road has a couple of lovely old cottages to look at and of course the primary school which is pretty too so it is also a clear the blues walk. I think we are so lucky.

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  2. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing. I’m working at home today so only a short walk from the bedroom! There’s something about getting off on the right foot (no pun intended) that can help at the start of the week. A bit like setting an intention on the yoga mat maybe?


  3. You have such a pretty walk to work! I long for the day I can bike or walk to work and enjoy the scenery!


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