Vegan in London: Review of Gujarati Rasoi

I’m in the big Smoke ready for tonight’s Observer Ethical Awards (more on this in a couple of days!) and that can only mean one thing, yummy food time! Though Cornwall is getting better for Vegan dining, London wins hands down for variety and choice.

My ultimate fav London Vegan hang outs are usually Mildreds, Woodlands South Indian or Vantra Vitao – all central, affordable and absolutely delicious!

But last night, venturing North for the evening, my friend took me to one of her local favourites, Gujarati Rasoil; which serves traditional, wholesome and vegetarian food (with a nice selection of vegan options)

Unfortunately, London is experiencing a bit of a heat wave right now, so maybe sitting in and eating hot Indian food (as yum as it was) wasn’t the best choice! Even with all the doors and windows open, it was a bit stuffy inside, though it had a very laidback atmosphere. It didn’t look like what you would expect from a “traditional Indian restaurant” but was in fact felt very light and modern. WP_20150701_005

In reality, though, we were there for the food not for the decor; and they sure delivered. We chose a selection of starters and mains (of which you can choose a small size for £6 or a large for £12) and dug in. The prices were a little on the expensive side – with the bill coming to close to £25 per person, without alcohol – but a nice treat non the less!WP_20150701_004

Considering I practically live off Indian and Asian food, I was most excited about trying dishes I hadn’t tried before. Out of the 3 starters and 3 mains on offer that night – did I mention the menu changes regularly to reflect what’s in season?! – at least one was vegan and another could be made vegan!

The small plates were still enough for sharing
The small plates were still enough for sharing

I was very impressed with the food and the service – just a shame about the heat (though that couldn’t be helped!) I would definitely recommend a visit for vegans, veggies and meat eaters alike! 🙂

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