Vegan dining in Udaipur: Millets of Mewar 

Udaipur, Rajathans glistening white treasure, has quickly become my favourite city in the world. It’s clean, friendly streets are scattered with quirky galleries and even quirkier people. It’s numerous cool lakes are surrounded by luscious greenery and fascinating heritage.

When you rock up in Udaipur for the very first time, you’d be mistaken for thinking you’d arrived in a remote, untouched part of Italy; were it not for the hundreds of Rajathani mirrored murals which cover it’s city walls.  

  It’s known for being the most romantic city in India and you can see why; it’s absolutely stunning!

 But, like any self respecting vegan, I don’t judge a city by its appearance…I judge it by it’s food! And luckily for me, Udaipur is home to a very special gem called Millets of Mewar.

As Udaipur’s first dedicated health restaurant, this waterside eatery is like nothing I’ve come across during my whole India travels so far. The food is local, fresh and affordable and the vegan options are to die for!

 Everything is labelled for vegan and gluten free options, and the choice to have millet instead of wheat and coconut milk instead of dairy is a real step forward for Indian cusine.

 The restaurant, which opened in 2011, is the shared vision of a group of like who: “believe in the power of food to inspire good health, good conversation, and environmental consciousness”

Just four months after opening, Millets of Mewar was ranked the #1 restaurant in Udaipur on Trip Advisor. And I have to say, it’s my favourite restaurant in India so far!

 I tried the millet museli with coconut milk (THE most amazing museli with fresh apple and pomegranate) the vegan banana pancake and the banana and date vegan shake. I also indulged in a few beers too. For research purposes, obviously.

Aside from it’s delicious traditional Indian menu, and modern vegan dishes, Millets of Mewar also offer” cooking classes, and tours to local producers for the real foodie experience.

 It’s certainly a visit if you happen to be in the area, and in fact is worth a special trip to Udaipur even if you’re not!

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