36 Twitter Accounts That’ll Help you Live Greener

I’ll begin this post by putting my hands up and admitting I am an intermittent and inconsistent Twitter user. I have weeks when I’m completely on it and post regularly, and there are other times when I forget it even exists. Personally I see this approach to social media as healthy; it should simply be something you dip in and out of in between living life, not something you are glued to every second of the day. BUT as a blogger, I am aware that I’m missing a trick. 

Twitter is an awesome way to stay on the ball with the people and topics which interest you, and can be an incredible resource to accessing advice, information and inspiration for living a little more sustainably. And its not just newsfeeds and hashtags you can follow to help your green journey. There are also heaps of weekly debates, Q&As and discussion hours – such as #makedoandmendhour and #veganhour – where you can share (or steal) great ideas and easy green hacks from other like minded tweeters. 

With this in mind, I thought I would share 20 of my favourite Twitter accounts, for anyone interested in sustainability, veganism or green and ethical living. 

36 of The Greenest Twitter Accounts 

green twitter profiles

  1. How to Be A Hippy @howtobehippy – Cool Ideas For Conscious Consumers
  2. Climate Think Tank@ClimateThink – A think tank for anyone to contribute ideas and approaches to climate change. How do we advance positive change?
  3. Eco Companion@_ecocompanion – Helping you find your next dream eco friendly holiday in nature.
  4. Veggie Buzz@theveggiebuzz – VeggieBuzz, restaurant reviews and recipes from a vegetarian perspective!
  5. GreenerDailyLife | @GreenDailyLife – Connecting conscious consumers w 21st century brands that embody
  6. Sustainably Chic® | @sustainablychc – A blog & community for the conscious consumer. shop positive, shop small, shop sustainably
  7. Organic Universe |@OrganicUniverse – Tweeting about , &.
  8. Vegan Beauty Review | @Vegan_Beauty – Vegan beauty/food/lifestyle blogger. Mommy, wife, crazy cat lady & cake aficionado.
  9. Vegan Consumer | @vegansumer – Helping to alert vegans (and non-vegans) to vegan deals, foods, menu items, sales, trends you might miss – & alerting companies to the demand for vegan products
  10. One Green Planet |@OneGreenPlanet – Hey Green Monsters! We’re your online guide to making conscious choices. Love | Food | Awesomeness |
  11. Vegan Bloggers Chat |@vegan_chat – Vegan Bloggers Chat Every Wednesday 9pm- 10pm BST. Follow this account & use to join the convo! Different host Blogger every week!
  12. GreenMedInfo |@GreenMedInfo – The world’s largest, evidence-based, open access, natural health resource with 20,000+ study abstracts. We are free to use, and dedicated to health freedom!
  13. EcoWatch |@EcoWatch – EcoWatch is a top environmental news site. We are leading the charge in using online news to drive fundamental change.
  14. CECHR |@CECHR_UoD – Centre for Environmental Change & Human Resilience: Main themes: Food Water Energy Health Sustainability Ecology Environmental Economic & Social Well-being
  15. Davin Hutchins | @terrashifter – Senior campaign strategist for Greenpeace tweeting about climate change, sustainable food and renewable energy.
  16. IIED |@IIED – International Institute for Environment and Development: Conducts policy research on climate change, natural resources, sustainable markets & human settlements
  17. TheEarthOrganization | @TheEarthOrg – Independent, non-profit, conservation & environmental org. committed to creative, responsible rehabilitation of the plant & animal kingdoms.
  18. ecofashionworld |@ecofashionworld – The world’s essential sustainable fashion news portal and guide. EFW is the internet hub for learning about eco fashion brands and stores from around the globe.
  19. Sustainable Queens |@SustyQ – We promote health + community engagement by integrating artistic creativity + holistic wellness + ecological principles of building healthy spaces
  20. The Vegan Junction | @veganjunction – A place for all things . Articles, recipes, meet vegans, vegan & resources, vegan mentoring. For the , the , and your!
  21. FAO Climate Change |@FAOclimate – News and events on food security and climate change from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
  22. Climate Progress |@climateprogress – Providing the progressive perspective on climate science, climate solutions, and climate politics.
  23. Planet Green |@PlanetGreen – Planet Green offers practical, everyday tips on how to live a greener lifestyle. We offer actionable advice across a variety of topics: green made real.
  24. EcoCreate |@Eco_Create – The place to buy and sell ,, art and crafts. , and .
  25. Green Updates |@green_updates – The latest environmental news, plus information about green products, green deals and more.
  26. Superfood Market |@SuperfoodMarket – Online store packed with 11,000+ & products. Food • Baby • Home • Beauty & more.
  27. Eco-friendly Tips |@JoyfullyECO – We all want to be better world citizens, I share daily tips to help you care for the planet but still get what you want affordably. Tips, holidays, food & more
  28. #ClimateHour |@ClimateHour – An hour per week to highlight & discuss the impact of Global Warming & help provide a clean & healthy world for future generations.
  29. Organic Hour |@Organichour – A networking hour for everyone who loves we talk food, skincare, environment, fashion, policy 8-9pm every Wednesday – use hashtag
  30. Organic Lifestyle |@OrganicLife – Organic Lifestyle Magazine is a digital publication dedicated to organic lifestyles, alternative health and green living.
  31. Vegans Eat What? |@VegansEatWhat – a nonprofit dedicated to providing delicious answers to the question: What do vegans eat?
  32. HuffPost Green |@HuffPostGreen – Latest news on energy, environment, animals and more.
  33. campaign strategy |@campaignstrat – Small suggestions for anyone trying to save the world. Chris Rose, environmental & communications consultant
  34. mygreendirectory |@mygreendir – The online directory & information source dedicated to helping you sustain your world.
  35. Thrive Magazine |@ThriveFeelAlive – The UK’s number one healthy, nutritious foodie magazine, packed full of interviews, features and natural products. Here to champion healthier brands & products.
  36. Sustainable Cities |@sustaincities -Community of bloggers promoting civic sustainability, green building, and urban design, planning, and environmentalism.

Are there any you would like to add to this list? Share your favourite green Twitter accounts by commenting on this blog below:

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