Back to reality? I’m in no hurry!

I’m back in the UK! 322 days after setting off for a trip of a lifetime I am back to sunny (ish) Devon for some RnR with the family before I let my grown up self kick into action and start to create some kind of new reality.

Over the last 11 or so months I have crossed through 9 countries, climbed 6 mountains, explored over 50 cities and towns, swan numerous oceans, flown in a helicopter, trekked through woodlands, creeks, deserts and meadows, drank LOTS of wine, and met some of the most incredible, lifelong friends I could ever have dreamt of.

Photo 04-12-2015 13 05 59

Often people say they go travelling to find themselves. Well, I may not have found “myself” (because, lets be honest, we are never truly one static thing to find in the first place) but there is one thing I did find along the way: My Eternal Happiness.


I learnt about different cultures, ate new types of cuisines, and discovered my ability to adapt, evolve and relax in periods of great unrest, uncertainty or complete chaos (I’m talking to you India!!!) But more importantly, I found my deep down and ungracefully ecstatic happiness, which trembles deep within me like a dormant volcano or harmless but enthusiastic earthquake, reminding me that life is not just for living.


Life is for laughing, eating, swimming, hiking, eating, sleeping, running on no sleep, chatting to strangers, trusting (both yourself and others), questioning, exploring and constantly challenging what you think about yourself, others and the world as a whole.


I am sooooo grateful and bless for this past year and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me next. But for now, I know I have found my happiness, and I am not giving it up for anything!!

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