5 Ways to reuse Easter Egg Plastic Packaging

You did it again didn’t you?

Despite scorning yourself last Easter for not searching out chocolate eggs with eco friendly packaging, you still have a house full of egg shaped plastic moulds lying around the house.

It’s OK. We all do it some time in our lives, and have shared that moment of sheepish guilt as we throw them into the bin come Easter Monday.

Its the kind of guilt we hang our chocolatey faced head down in shame for. Because we all know, no matter how much we love a regular bar of chocolate – which has simply been moulded into an egg for no particular reason – plastic packaging is a HUGE problem and we really need to stop contributing to it.

But don’t you worry. I made this massive error this year myself, and got super excited with a certain brand of Vegan chocolate eggs (no naming or shaming!); overlooking the plastic mould it came in. So…I thought fast on my feet to came up with a few semi useful reuses for said plastic, so that I could avoid Easter weekend sadness when I was so happily on a chocolate sugar high:

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