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Five Fabulous Uses for Beetroot

Beetroot. Some say it’s a little like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. To some, its too earthy, tangy or just a pain in the bum to clean up. To others, a salad or roasted veg dish just isn’t the same without it! I personally love the stuff roasted with sweet potato and tossed into some cous cous, or with an oriental twist in my Thai Spiced Beetroot and Cashew Soup. Continue reading Five Fabulous Uses for Beetroot

Lazy Vegan Recipe: Thai spiced Beetroot and Cashew Soup

It’s early December and the weather is chilly…it can only mean one thing; we’re in the deepest depths of beetroot season! My last three weekly veg boxes have been piled with this crimson root veg and there is only so many beetroot, apple and lemon juices you can make when all you want is a big bowl of chips! 

But as Beetroot is such a fantastic source of betacarotene and folic acid – which is known to help cleanse the liver and assist in lowering chances of heart disease I thought it as high time I created a beetroot dish that would have me coming back for seconds!

This soup is soooo warming and moreish and actually makes an amazing base for a curry if made with less water. Try it with a big chunk of walnut bread and you will be in beetroot bliss!!

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