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Your Green Life: Freya Grummitt (Project Dirt)

One thing that’s struck me most recently about sustainability, is that it’s not just about our dependence on the planet, but our connections with each other, that is so important to protect. It doesn’t matter how much recycling we do at home, or how many less things we buy; it is pretty clear that powerful changes really happy when we work together to share passions, ideas and resources. 

There are already heaps of groups, organisations and companies doing awesome things out there, transforming people and places; but it’s a bit of a forest out there! Sometimes it can be hard to get our voices heard, and share the success (and not so….) stories which remind us why we are a productive and creative species, who can actually change the world for good. 

This is why I wanted to pick the brains of someone who is at the heart of a thriving community of ‘doers’, and helps to get conversations around positive change flowing. Project Dirt is a social media site for community projects and groups who want to chat with like minded passionate people. and collaborate to share resources and ideas. From gardening groups, and Big Lunchers, to transition towns and community organisers; it’s like a little hub of positive goings on! I chatted to the lovely Freya from PD to find out what lies behind her passions for green living: 

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