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Give-a-thing-away-a-day: my advent challenge

Recently one of my close friends, Kate (who works for the awesome neighbourhood sharing organisations, StreetBank) drew my attention to a thought provoking film: My Stuff. The film centres around 26 year old Petri Luukkainen, a man from Finland who decides to put all of his stuff in storage and only take one item back per day, for a year.

The idea struck a chord with Kate, who believes passionately that we don’t need to own as much “stuff” if we simply opened our homes (and hearts) to others and shared the resources we already have. For Luukkainen, by shedding himself of his belongings, he was able to focus on the things that really mattered. Continue reading Give-a-thing-away-a-day: my advent challenge

Controlling the hoard – 3 ways to reduce waste

From the moment I decided to go green, I must admit I became a bit of a hoarder. And after learning that every year a person will use 10x their weight in household rubbish, I now  stop and think every time I go to throw something away; tending to see my bin as the enemy.  As I have said before, when you throw things away, there really is no such place; we are simply filling up the land we reply on to survive, with all our rubbish…and this freaks me out a little! Continue reading Controlling the hoard – 3 ways to reduce waste

Wanted! For crimes against Green Living

My biggest enemy right now – keeping me up late at night and inspiring unpredictable bouts of cursing – is my daily struggle with the evil criminal…household food waste! Now, I’d be the first to admit that I’m not someone who wastes food in the traditional sense: if it’s available, I’ll eat it! I’m also guilty of polishing off a plate of food, whether I actually enjoyed it or not, just because I didn’t want to see it “go to waste”. Admittedly, this is often down to my own personal greed, than any ethical aspirations for a more sustainable planet…

Continue reading Wanted! For crimes against Green Living