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5 Easy and Natural Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

I’ll be honest with you, I’m feeling pretty blue right now. And it’s not just an average case of autumnal lethargic disengagement. I am sleeping badly, eating badly and watching bad TV.  I’m even struggling to find the motivation to move from the sofa to make myself a cup of tea. I haven’t been writing, have barely exercised, and have gotten a little too aquatinted with packet noodles for my liking. Things are bad.

This situation is familiar to us all, and completely expected. Whether you’ve just returned from an epic holiday back to reality (check), in-between jobs (check), frantically house hunting (check) or simply getting used to the colder season (check); the blues are a natural way our bodies and minds tell us we need to slow down, acclimatise to our surroundings, and give ourselves lots of love and TLC.

I have so much in my life to feel grateful for right now, but I still need a lift to make myself feel happy, healthy and confident for the winter months. My mantra for October has certainly been: ” It’s OK to admit you’re not OK”. Continue reading 5 Easy and Natural Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

5 Lazy Natural Remedies for Summer Colds

Today I have renamed myself Grotty Mcgrot Bags.

Not because my face has suddenly turned a florescent colour green (I like to save that for my facebook page..), but because this cold has shown no signs of shifting and I feel grotty! I have soldiered on regardless today at work, and actually been surprisingly productive. But as soon as I came home, I fell into a ball of self pity and carbohydrate cravings.

I am too tired to write, and too tired to relieve my summer cold symptoms! So in this situation – of lifeless and coldy despair – here are 5 of my natural (and incredibly lazy) remedies for busting a summer cold:  Continue reading 5 Lazy Natural Remedies for Summer Colds