10 Deliciously Vegan Desserts That Everyone Will Want a Bite Of

A chef, I am not. But I really do love my desserts! And though I’ve been sharing some of my lazy vegan recipes over throughout the year, it’s more to share what I’ve been stuffing my face with, than any motivation to start my own bestselling cook book. And to be honest, when there are so many stunning vegan bloggers out there, why should I even need to bother?!! 

I’m big on bookmarking food blogs, websites and recipes whenever something catches my eye; so I thought I’d share a selection of vegan dessert recipes from some of my favorite food bloggers at the moment.

And don’t forget, just because they’re free from animal products doesn’t mean they’re not just as yummy for any non-vegans out there! 

1. Vegan Tiramisu – by Vegan Richa 

This was one of most favorite desserts before going vegan, so I am mega excited about this delicious version using whipped coconut cream instead of mascarpone.

Recipe here

2. Lime Cashew Cheesecake (without sugar) – by Readeat


Containing three of my faourite ingrediants – limes, cashew and coconut oil – and with no added sugar, this ‘cheesecake’ recipe is divine!!

Recipe here.

3. Vegan (& Gluten free) Chocolate Tart with Blood Orange Caramel – by The Tomato Tart 


This recipe is split into three steps, and is not only relatively easy to make; it only contains a handful of ingredients; most of which you might already have lying around in your cupboard!

Recipe here.

 4. Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes – by 40 Aprons 


One of the most simplest recipes (and pleasures) to enjoy with a cup of tea; yet so beautifully elegant on your plate! Can’t go wrong with a cupcake 🙂

Recipe here.

5. Vegan Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mousse – by The Breakfast Drama Queen


It doesn’t matter how many times I look at the below photo, I drool uncontrollably every time! peanut butter in mousse form sounds like absolute bliss to me and I’m certain its enough to turn non-vegans after one mouth full!

Recipe here.

 6. Vegan (and Grain free) Lemon Curd Sandwich Cookies – by Wallflower Girl


The special thing about this recipe is not necessarily the biscuit itself, but the amazing vegan lemon curd recipe which accompanies them. Dairy and Egg free Lemon curd is like heaven to my ears, but dangerous now I know the secret! 😛

Recipe here.

 7. Raw Lemon Tarlets with a Strawberry-Nut Crust – by Coconut & Berries 


When I first became vegan, Emma’s recipes were my first introduction to vegan cuisine and she literally saved my dessert loving ass! When I starting living off baked beans on toast and porridge, coconut and Berries’ adventurous recipes showed me all the amazing ingredients out there; including things that I didn’t know existed!

Recipe here.

(including the recipe for the Raw Strawberry Dusted Caramel White Chocolates as seen on the featured image above my blog title)

8. Dairy-free chocolate truffles – by Jamie Oliver 


OK, not technically a Vegan blogger – but there is an awesome vegan area of his website with some really mouthwatering recipes! These are awesome treats for a night in watching a movie, or individually wrapped as homemade gifts.

Recipe here.

9. Blueberry Smoothie Bowl – by The Friendly Fig 


Now, technically the smoothie bowl is for breakfast, but a big bowl of cool, smooth, creamy fruit is my idea of a sweet treat anytime of day. The Friendly Fig’s smoothie bowls are always beautifully presented, and contain just enough naughtiness to get you reaching for that fruit bowl.

Recipe here.

10. Vegan Chocolate Brownie Passion – by me! 

passionfruit vegan chocolate brownie

What?! This recipe has been tried and tested on friends, family and co workers, and all agreed it passed the “vegan but still deliciously moreish” test. Someone even commented it was better than most dairy and egg filled versions!

Recipe here.




7 thoughts on “10 Deliciously Vegan Desserts That Everyone Will Want a Bite Of”

  1. all of them look delicious! Where do you find vegan red food coloring? I tried to make a red velvet with beetroots, it was so red before cooking but then it became brown 😦 I must find a solution because the flavour was very good! Thank you!


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