My New Year’s Green Resolutions

Hello my lovely lazy green people, I hope you all had lovely Christmas breaks and not feeling too full and lethargic! My break has been so relaxed that I completely switched off from my every day life. Now I’m slowly trying to get back into the swing of things and beginning to think about how I can get next year off to a positive start.

It’s been 8 months now since I decided to change some of my lazy, or procrastinating, habits into green actions. There have been many things I’ve found relatively easy to do – such as switching to organic food and buying less “stuff” – and some things I have gradually learnt to do over time; like going plastic free, and cutting out ingredients like palm oil.

But going green hasn’t always been easy for me, and I thought it might be useful to share some of the things I have yet to transform into more sustainable practices; if only to assure you that these things don’t always happen overnight!

So, here’s my list of things to “get greener at”, as the New Year approaches:

  1. Use my car less – or even not at all – and brave the weather more.
  2. Build a DIY compost or wormery for any unusable food scraps.
  3. Get more actively involved in groups and campaigns contributing to political change.
  4. Understand the journey of dairy and meat alternatives – like soy – to find the most sustainable options.
  5. Investigate ethical banking and switch my accounts.
  6. Stop buying “off the cuff” clothes without investigation into where they were sourced.
  7. Switch utility suppliers to renewable energy.
  8. Use mobile devices less and get outdoors more.
  9. Find out more about more sustainable sanitary products.
  10. Learn how to sew and grow –to be a little more self-sufficient.

How about you? Do you have any green resolutions for 2015?


10 thoughts on “My New Year’s Green Resolutions”

      1. Yes – On the being greener front I too would like to find a more ethical bank, I want to increase my veg growing and lengthen my growing season I am guilty of only growing in the nice weather!! I have looked at some blogs who are doing the by nothing new for a year. I only by new underwear really so too much of a stretch for me. I am also going to teach myself to knit.


  1. I have been car-free for 1 1/2 years now and love it! It definitely gets me outside more and keeps me from becoming too sedentary.

    Also, you can make a DIY compost bin with any plastic container with a lid. A large coffee container, or kitty litter container will work well. If you have gone plastic free, ask a neighbor, friend or business. Reusing is still better than recycling plastic!

    Basically, cut out the bottom of the container and dig a hole in the ground. Bury the container, but leave access to the lid at ground level. If you don’t want to see the plastic lid, you can bury behind a plant, or you can throw leaves or mulch over the top. But, basically, just open the top and throw in any food scraps except for animal products and oils. The worms will come and eat the food directly from the ground. Very easy and effective and the lid will keep the critters away.

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  2. What wonderful inspiration! I have become more inquisitive about where my clothes are coming from and the production and materials used to make them. After a couple of huge warehouses burned down and ruined numerous lives in other, most of the time third world countries, for a big retailers shelves I was a taken aback. This led me to start searching for fair-trade items and other alternative options.
    I’d also love to start using my truck less, but I live so far away from many things it would be next to impossible for me to rely on my trusty cruiser (about a 40 mile round trip for me to get to town & back home). Not to mention the lack of safety there is on the small two lane road leading me to and from town. I do take my bike with me when I have a chance and enjoy the scenery when I can. I even hear they are turning an old rail line in my area into a scenic bike route that stretches almost three cities in my area so I am excited for that.
    And on the abstract notions of our food, I have made it a point to eat greener – less GMO and chemically infused foods – and attempt going organic. I would love to go completely organic, but getting over the hump of convenience is sometimes a hard one. I do love my gardening though!
    I wrote a short post on my resolutions if you’d like to check it out. It does concern the actions I have on my self and what I want to do to improve my self


  3. Great resolutions! We typically do not buy any clothes unless they are second-hand, but if we need to make the investment in other clothes, organic and eco-friendly is ideal, especially when it comes to commercial dying processes. Also, a post on ethical banking would be awesome! I imagine many people would enjoy learning more about that, especially with your personal touch on the matter. Thanks for another great post, Trudi. ☮


    1. Thanks guys 🙂 Ethical banking is top of my list too actually – I totally need to sort out my finances in 2015! I too buy most of my clothes in charity shops – it’s when I need a specific item for something that i slip up! x


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