Methods Limited Edition Sunset Beach range

I’m not usually one for raving about cleaning products. In fact, I’m not usually one for cleaning much at all!! One of the benefits of living alone is I can wait until I have used all of my dishes before I have to clean them up, and my bathroom stays relatively dirt free with just one person using it. It’s for this reason, that I’ve never posted product reviews or tips on cleaning…as I’m still using up the many of the products I had before I went green!

However, after recently being sent some Method goodies in the post, to test out their new limited edition Sunset Beach range, I’ve become a little hooked on cleanliness! Though a little dust never hurt anyone (That’s my moto anyway) I finally have the motive to do a proper spring/summer clean. My kitchen counters have never looked so clear! Does this mean I’m not longer lazy? Doubt it.


So what exactly is it about Methods stripy new range that’s turned my home from student hippy squalor to a delightful summer retreat? Put simply, they smell divine. Sure they do the job perfectly well and clean my hands, dishes and surfaces fantastically, but even washing pans feels like I’m relaxing somewhere warm and exotic!

Method sunset beach handwash
Method Hand Wash costs £2.50 for 354ml

The mysterious scent, which reminds me of a mix between a summer fruity cocktail and a light floral perfume, is actually made from a combination of melon, orange and plumcot (a crazy little fruit which is halfway between Apricot and Plum). It kind of feels like a guilty pleasure, as if you are using an expensive and highly chemical brand which charges your weeks grocery budget for one hand soap.

Method Dish Soap costs £3.00 for 532ml

But in reality, not only does the Sunset Beach range look nice and smell likes a holiday in a bottle, they’re pretty green too. As a company who teamed up with fellow green brand Ecover in 2012, Method is committed to sustainable production and natural ingredients; and all their products are chemical free and vegan friendly! Though there are still some traces of palm oil in their products, they are continually working to reduce this and only use suppliers who are part of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil.

Method All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaners cost £3.00 for 828ml

I must admit, I was a little uncomfortable with the plastic element of the packaging (If I was a little less lazy I would love to master making my own products) but was relived to discover that the bottles are made from recycled products and are in fact designed to be recycled again. You can read more about their environmental processes here, but generally I was impressed with how the performance, scent and conscious of these stripy products! I may still be lazy, but at least I can lie about in a clean home now!


Methods Sunset Beach range is available for a limited time at Tesco stores only. 

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