Staying cool with Royal Robins for an iconic royal visit 

The last two weeks in India has flown by in a magical, colourful blur and it feels like I have been here for years. I have seen sunrise ceremonies on the river Ganges in Varanasi, been serenaded by Indian army veterans on a steam train in Shimla and browsed through rainbow markets of fresh produce in Ragasthan. The sights, sounds and smells of India charm the senses and no day is ever the same. Well, there’s actually thing thing which stays consistent everyday: the scorching heat!   Due to an irregular monsoon this year (is this the effects of climate change?) India is experiencing higher temperatures than what is normal for October and we have been facing days of 36-40 degrees in most areas.   It’s almost impossible to walk around for long during midday and I spend every single day red faced and sweaty as I try to find yet another sweet lime stall to quench my thirst. 

Luckily I came prepared for heat and have packed adequate clothing to keep me cool. My saving grace has been my Royal Robins Breeze dress, which is actually designed to keep you cool whilst travelling and has certainly done the job for me!   Made specifically for the adventurous traveller, Royal Robins (inspired by his own travels) started his line of natural clothes in the 60s and been going ever since.

My Breeze dress – adequately named as it’s specifically designed to keep you cool, with it’s delicately embossed breathable panels – had it’s first royal outing a few days ago when I wore it to the Taj Mahal in Agra.   Rising at 5am to beat the ques and see the palace change colour in the rising sun, my dress kept me cool as the scorching sun began to reach it’s peak. The Taj 100% lived up to the hype and we spent hours browsing the peaceful grounds.

Unlike some of my other dresses I’ve packed (which I’ll admit are style over purpose) the natural lightweight fabric has been easy to fit in my backpack, perfect for hot or cold climates and looks much smarter than your average tie dye travellers outfit!! 


Even if you’re not planning a hot getaway this autumn I’d reccomend checking out their sale!

One thought on “Staying cool with Royal Robins for an iconic royal visit ”

  1. Your travelling posts are making me miss India so much and are making me start thinking about getting back over there! Wish I had been at the taj early enough to see it change colours, that looks simply magical. Loving these travel posts!

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