Ethical dining in Varanasai: The Brown Bread Bakery 

Nestled within a matrix of narrow, winding streets – jammed with street stalls, motorbikes and roaming cows – The Brown Bread Bakery of Varanasai is a jewl within an already sparkling crown. Ascending up countless flights of stairs – which dangerously lead to floors within a colourful cotton shop jammed with delights – the German style resturant and live music venue enjoys a cool rooftop view over the River Ganges. 

But the views and welcome breeze isn’t the only perk which has made the venue a popular hang out and Loney Planet favourite. Aside from the extensive bakery choices, global cheese selection (no vegan cheese on there quite yet though!) and homemade apple cider, the charm is in the ingredients used in the majority of the menu.  

The Brown Bread Bakery pride themselves on using Organic produce as much as possible; choosing to source from local farmers or skilled artisans and supporting local communities. The slightly higher cost for the consumer (which is still very reasonable Indian prices) pays for fairer wages for employees and contributes to valuable women empowerment charities locally. 

Oh, and the food isn’t bad either!!

From handmade pizza, sandwiches and mezzes, to traditional Indian Dhals and breads, it’s 100% worth a visit if you are ever in Indias holiest city.  

What would I reccomend from the menu? Well, I’ve had a stinking cold the last few days and was blown away by their fresh hot lemon and ginger which contained huge chunks of spicy ginger. Delicious!

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